Masteries in general


How long do you want a mastery to take? It really seems like people want to be able to take a character from 0 xp to elite status in one sitting.

It’s supposed to indicate that you’ve played a character for a long time and have now mastered all of that character’s abilities. You can easily debate that some mastery goals don’t encourage you to play the character the proper way, but that’s an entire conversation on it’s own.

We have 15 Hunters. I’d be fine calling someone a master trapper if they played 2 hours a night every night for 2 weeks. So for me, I’m going with around 28 hours from start to elite. People mastering characters entirely through solo grinding (hey oh!) seems pointless. I’ve finished a mastery or two in solo defend, but it was in situations where I felt it was harmful to the team if I tried to get it in online play.

So, what do you think? What does elite status mean to you?


8 1/2 hours to elite a character is what MacMan said their target is.


It means you use a character a lot and learned how to use them effectively ^-^
I only think Solo is good for those masteries that are way too situational. I dont wanna let my team die in order to pick their stupid arses back up just for a shiny new skin >_>


Ya, I remember the TRS goal was something like that. My number is real time not necessarily in game time, not quite sure how it would convert over.

I would be totally fine with their 8.5 hour goal to be doubled. I see it as more of a badge for bragging rights when in reality, it’s sort of ignored because you can elite really easily in solo if that’s your aim.

I’m not asking that it’s actually changed. Was just wondering what people think about masteries in general. Do you care that someone has elite trapper because they’ll be really good at their job, or do you care more that you got a weapon skin and ignore anyone else’s elite tag?


I like the skins and that is why I get em. I’ve seen really good hunters who haven’t elited and terrible ones who have. So i don’t put much stock in whether they’ve elited the hunter or not.


I dont think there would be so much of a rush to elite if it werent for those 10% buffs. those seriously make a difference


I feel they are good where they are except for a chosen few. Regarding the Monsters, anything that requires you to do something more than 150 times (especially if it’s airborne targets) is too high and unbalanced. Additionally, for the situational requirements on the Hunters it should either be a low count or more frequent situations that aren’t so extreme, especially if something can only be done once per round or only in certain game modes.

I’m not saying make it super easy, but there are a few that I think most of us could agree to have toned down, and not just the casual players or the ones who want an Elite in a single match. I want to be able to Elite a character to a point where it’s not a chore but a challenge.


16 hunters


Ah yes, of course. Slip of the smart phone keyboard I’ll say lol.