Massive disconnects on PS4 [PSN issue - Check xTr1ckOrTr3atx's post]


Hi guys,

just want to say that we have massive issues on PS4 to get a game together. Every time someone crashed out.

We lost today now over 6 matches just becasue of crashing. No one is able to join back or someone else get kicked then.

Its really hard to lose points that way!

TRS its time to give some points as a present. We lost now so much points cause just crashing. Its unfair and just frustrating. Please give us at least some points back and of course please fix this issue.



i’m not on PS4 but i think i read somewhere that this was a PSN issue, not actually the evolve servers. i understand it’s frustrating but i don’t think TRS can do much.


All other games working fine like BF4, PVZ and so on. This Thread is about if it is possible to get something back as recompense for all this crashes and losing points…


well, my response was more towards this [quote=“TatzyXY, post:1, topic:83414”]
and of course please fix this issue

anyway like i said im not on PS4 so i wouldn’t know what works and doesnt. just think i saw some threads about it already yesterday and ppl saying it wasnt an issue on evolves part.


The server problems are not on 2K/TRS’s end as far as I’m aware. You should know the risk, as I’m fairly sure you saw the thread last night about PSN problems…
Asking for points as compensation when you know the risk is kinda rude but that’s just my opinion.

Was it not this? I’m sure it was…


I just got a disconnect on PC last night and it’s starting to happen more often…ticks me off I got a loss/death because of it. Not sure about point loss if it was it wasn’t much thankfully.

THe llag on the servers sometimes is really bad and ping doesn’t seem to matter.


False, all my mates have these issues. Other games working fine. Only Evolve has these massive diconnects.

PSN has no problems anymore, tried it with other games and my friends who are playing other games have no problems as well.

Sorry but to spent for a game over 80 Euro, patching one year already, getting kicked all time, losing points for crashing that is rude and unfair. Of course I am upset now. I just asked for some points as compensation for the crashes. It should be just one database query so its not that hard maybe…


Couple of my friends can’t play some other games, but the majority of games’ internet works.


what the hell is going on man. I am getting instantly kicked out. Now I cannot find any quick games or hunt or even evacuation mode games. What is wrong with those servers? It is really frustrating.


Play some Helldivers. That also has these issues. It seems only certain games are affected. Reason is unknown. There are issues reported with some other games such as F1, dying light, Street Fighter 4, etc.

If you want to know why only some games are affected, try asking Sony.

So you would say that there were no PSN issues yesterday, however, if you look at #PSNdown

Oh wow. Games other than Evolve with connectivity issues (kinda like I said with Helldivers), and yet BF4 and some other games were working during those times (I know cuz I was playing them).

Maybe it was just very coincidental timing on the part of these games, and TRS is doing a coverup. Those sly devils…


And again, as this is NOT an issue with 2K servers, but an issue with PSN, and something on Sony’s end, I am moving this from Bugs -> Offtopic and adding PSN issue to the title.


everyone is in the same boat (of PSN having issues and being affected at the same time) so I don’t think TRS are obliged to do anything.


Absolutely not.

Info that could help the developers solve the “bug” is the only thing that should be discussed or talked about in a bug thread. As of right now, you haven’t provided any information that leads us to believe that this is not the current PSN issue, so I’m closing this.
You can continue talking about the issue in the PSN thread.

If it later turns out that this is an actual issue with Evolve itself, feel free to open a new bug thread.