Mass wildlife death

I forgot to hit the shadowplay button (Sorry!)

I was playing as Monster in a game of Skirmish as Clownfish Goliath, the match started and I headed down river to the southeast side of the map where all the blitzleopards and mammoth birds spawn, to my surprise there were many blitzers and many mammoth birds, but there were also about 5 already dead blitzleopards. Its like they spawned, had a heart attack and died.

It was weird and I forgot to record it but I did take note of it.

The mammoth birds killed the blitz leopards when the blitz leopards got too close…? Not a bug if that’s the case. But I wish I could have seen what actually happened.


Yeah, sorry I didn’t get the video but it didn’t seem like that was the case. Not sure though.

Just went back to the area in a solo match, no where near the same amount of blitzers spawned and no blitzers were dead.