Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee dies aged 95


Rest in peace man :frowning:


Wait, Stan Lee died?! Oh man, the world seems a little emptier now.
Still, dying at 95 isn’t dying, it’s winning at life.


Another thing from my childhood, put to rest…


Oh, jeez… :cry:

Marvel has always been influential in my life, so this hits hard.

Rest easy.


I’ve known his health was deteriorating as of the last few years but I’m mostly just sad he won’t be able to see the final act of his films.


I really hope he at least got to see what was finished.


I like to think that his dream is being put together and I hope this doesn’t trash the quality of the next movies


RIP Stan. Won’t even see you in the movies anymore…:frowning:


Sees him in next movie



You’ll see him in the next 5 movies.


Watching the Big Bang theory won’t be same. It was also like this when Stephen Hawking passed as well.


Rest easy


Stan didn’t just die a hero, he died a god of heroes. Excelsior, you glorious sonofabitch.