Marvel | Avengers: Infinity War Discussion and Thoughts [Spoilers]


I was surprised by the spider man actor I was not expecting him to be that funny in the movie. With all of those alien references in that space ship. If they had the time stone why didn’t they use it. Doctor strange could have used that stone to beat thanos,or is it because they are heros and it would be abusing the stone. Something that confused me was the whole nebula robot thing. In the second guardians of the galaxy I specifically remember nebula said that parts of her body were replaced with tech,so when there was the dissected nebula why was it all robotic. If she was all tech then getting torn apart shouldn’t hurt. Just something that I was thinking about. If the time stone can rewind things then couldn’t doctor strange just rewind until star lord got it through his thick skull that waking the over powered villain up is literally the worst idea possible.Scarlet witch could have destroyed the stone in the beginning but nooo it just so happens to be the life source of the MACHINE that she fell in love with or just a really good friend but it’s still a machine. Another thing is if she has the power to destroy infinity stones why didn’t she just destroy the gauntlet,yeah it would be a pain in the ass but there was enough people in wakanda to distract thanos and they could hold him still for a while. With all that said I loved the movie,I like the guardians of the galaxy films more but it was still great.


Not saying much we don’t already know, but he said he can’t wait to start shooting Gotg 3 with Mantis, confirming that she and Statlord both return.


Given that Strange used the stone in his stand-alone to save earth, I don’t think he’d cry over using it to save half of the universe.

Strange knows what will or won’t beat Thanos. Trust that he did the right thing.


He did do the right thing since iron man is a powerful hero and could increase the chances of beating thanos. But he saw every outcome so I would assume that he saw what happens if he gave the time stone up. But a final battle with thanos would be way better and more satisfying with all the stones.


It was also quite hilarious.


I doubt nebula would pair well with rocket.


He still beat the crap out of the big giant dude. I loved the part where he shoved the glove onto him and flew the monster into the wakanda shield.


Cute gimmick, but my point stands that the Hulk Buster would have been a lot more prominent with the Friday AI controlling it.


Of course, since Friday pretty much controls everything related to iron man, and banner never used the hulk buster suit before.


I was pretty amazed at how beefed up iron man’s suit was. I’m pretty sure it could self repair from minor damage, plus he could use so many different weapons that were all part of his suit.


It made me think of the microbots from Big Hero 6. The more nanobits that got damaged, the less armor he’d have.


It almost made me think of alien tech. It was so cool though. Imagine clothes that just sealed up when there was a rip.




Oof… Thanos bout to get wreked by the immortal Keanu


Gun Fu > Infinity Stones.


Thanos killed half of all life
Including half of all dogs
So Mr.Wick is coming


And half of plants as well as nitrifying bacteria, so he completely fucked up the natural economy and further mass death of organisms will ensue.


I just like the fact that IW actually vindicated a lot of the setup from Age Of Ultron. My guess is Whedon was let in on how IW would play out so like in all of his movies, he left A LOT of clues as to what would happen.

The flashbacks now make even more sense and removing Thor’s possession scene in the water of sight makes even less sense :stuck_out_tongue:


By far, my favourite MCU film.

That aside, that extreme level of continuity is hard not to appreciate. Continuity in general makes for a great viewing experience for me. Even little details, such as giving Stark a shiner in Homecoming from Civil War.