Marvel | Avengers: Infinity War Discussion and Thoughts [Spoilers]


Strange had literally no motive to save Tony other than what @TheMountainThatRoars said. He didn’t have a relationship with Tony.

He even said earlier if he had to chose between Spidey/Tony and the Time stone, that he wouldn’t hesitate to save the stone.

But you have to think, in all of those 14 million outcomes, surely there are some where Thanos and is given the stone, but then Gauntlet RNG removes Tony from existence.

Not that it matters. Captain Marvel is just going to OP Thanos back down to size.


Yeah if it wasn’t for starlord, they would’ve saved a lot of people.


Yeah, since you see thatStark and Spidey had the glove off. But, the film must go on


That’s what happens when you mash all these ridiculous powers together in a plot that necessarily has to move forward. For that matter, Thanos could have just turned everyone into little cubes like he did previously with Drax and Mantis and that would have been GG. Punching people and throwing moons at them, all unnecessary as heck, but it’s a superhero movie so you gotta get some action. Thanos disposing of the Avengers in one second like he was very much capable to do is not as entertaining. An inherent flaw of this genre, which requires a good dose of suspension of disbelief, unfortunately.

However, I can excuse Thanos not doing what you propose cause ultimately, I figure it would have worsened the problem instead of solving it. Increasing resources and food would have led to the population to grow even bigger, and then the issue would have just represented itself in a worse way and just as fast. From his point of view it was just quicker and more practical to just wipe half the people in the universe and possibly wait another bagillion years before resources get scarce again.

Agreed. Him tripping while wearing the armor was pretty much the summarization of his character in this movie. I also call BS on Hulk being too scared of Thanos to come out. He’s taken beatings before in the MCU, but that was not enough reason for him to refuse to intervene. To me, it just seemed a weak attempt to make Banner “deeper” as a character, giving him an internal struggle against the Hulk. Like it should be, granted, but I thought it was done a lot better in the first Avengers.

You got it.

The prequel idea seems unlikely. All we needed to know about Thanos’ past was shown in this movie. Orgy of ex machinas is my bet, knowing Marvel and comic book stuff in general.


I understand why people think it’s about that one encounter, because the writers did a good job of keeping the exchange ambiguous. Tony was talking about beating thanos there, but strange talked about there only being one scenario where the heroes win. This is cemented by the fact that strange said, specifically and with great focus due to the antagonism between the two characters, that all that matters was protecting the stone, and Tony and Spiderman wouldn’t be saved in spite of that.

This was said before strange examined the future.

So we have to assume that this “change of heart” is nothing to do with having cared for stark all along. And everything to do with this being the route to ultimately protect the stone (or at least stop thanos in the end).


I don’t have much to say on the movie other than I wasn’t expecting them to kill off as much as they did. Also I almost cried when Peter was dying his actor did a great job with this scene.

Edit: I’m also upset they didn’t kill off any of the main crew. I really wish they would have killed off Stark or maybe Capt or someone so that Captain Marvel has someone to actually replace since I feel she’s going to pull everyone together for the next movie.

Edit 2: Groot dying while sad still didn’t have as much impact as Peter, also it gives rocket an actual motive now instead of him just being there which I felt when watching.


That was most likely deliberate. Pretty much everyone who wasn’t an OG avenger is dead, with just a couple of others. There’s talk that some of the main cast are making Avengers 4 their last Marvel film, so of course they kept them alive.

Literally all of my favourites died which is sad as hell. But Bucky’s death (being the first) and Spidey’s were the hardest to watch.


I remember my little brother asking about how they’ll do the next guardians of the galaxy. I explained that either the other ones that died will come back or Rocket and Robolady will restart the Gaurdians and we’ll see a new cast.


It wouldn’t take that much longer for people to start straining resources again. And again, we’re talking about the Infinity Gauntlet. It doesn’t need to stick to doubles. Why not increase the size of the universe ten-fold? He can easily increase Resources and space enough to support an eternity of exponentially growing life just as easily as he can kill half of the population.

Yeah, in the Avengers, they seemed to have some form of Harmony, at least in the way that Banner could bring Hulk out at will. I get that 2 years as Hulk could have created some issues, but does that mean that the Hulk is no longer associated with rage? If so, if I were Banner, I’d be off the damn battlefield.

And his past about others such as Loki and Ronan failing to get the infinity stones for Thanos. But again, that just reduces the amount of Thanos’s past that is to be seen. So, yeah, I’m expecting a film where everyone lives happy ever after.


Chris Pratt accidentally spoiled that on Twitter


Oh I dunno about that. I think it would take a lot longer to consume everything again starting from half the population rather than continuing to resupply.

Besides, the way they portray the Reality Stone here, it doesn’t seem like it can CREATE stuff from nothing. Rather, just manipulate what already exists.


But didn’t the ones that died at the end sieze to exist? So if it can remove then why can’t it add?

Regardless, I firmly belive that this is part of Dr Strange’s plan, so it doesnt really matter.


Well, technically, removing falls into the “manipulating what already exists” realm. Creating from nothing though, that’s a whole other story.


I can kind of see that, maybe. But due to science, I tend to view removing from existence and adding into existence as the same kind of impossibility.


Heh, it’s called science fiction for a reason. :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, they didn’t just pop out of existence. They turned to dust. Probably atomized.


Can we all just take a moment to revisit the song “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas. I think they really had something going on there… lol


The way Thanos describes it is “Sieze to exist


Even if it has the name of the Infinity Gauntlet, it does have limitations.
It might not be able to create matter at all/on that scale. We saw what killing half of existence (probably transferring then to the Soul stone) did to the gauntlet.
Also Banner has an arc going. Starting with Ragnarock and ending in AV 4.
The Thanos will return is for AV 4.


What did he say?