Marvel | Avengers: Infinity War Discussion and Thoughts [Spoilers]


I’ve seen a few theories saying that it will swap. As in, Tony will die - bring Strange and Spidey back. Cap will die - bring Bucky back, etc. I don’t want that, I want a reunion! But that might happen.

Another theory I’ve heard is that the heroes aren’t actually dead, the ones that dusted just went to another universe and they think that everyone else is dead, and their movies (Homecoming, GotG3 will occur in this universe). I don’t like this theory even though I’ll admit it’s ballsy.


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Apparently, Gamora’s soul is trapped within the soul gem. Russos confirmed it. That’s why after the snap, Thanos is in a reddish yellow plane.


I’m aware of that, yeah.

You’re saying the snapped people are also in the Soul Stone?


No, just her. Probably because of the sacrifice. Thanos caught wind of that after the snap which is why he said ‘everything’.

In order to achieve what he wanted, he eternally imprisoned her soul.




One thing i don’t get is where the hell did Wong go? He literally disappeared for the entire rest of the movie.


He went back to guard the sanctum.


Yeah I know but he just kinda…left. He should’ve been there to fight.


Some thoughts:

Strange really had no reason to give up the time stone. The damn thing controls time. The odds of beating Thanos are <14, 000,000:1? Dr Strange literally had the liberty of undoing events as much as he wants for ever until they got it.

Banner was ultimately inconsequential. Hulks been super powerful in recent films, but we didn’t really see him. Banner was more of a liability than asset, given that Friday could have done more with Hulk buster than Banner.

I think I need someone to explain what was up with Vision. He’s got an infinity stone in his head, but was clearly weakened by something. I think I missed what.

Tom Hollands acting is so fucking good. Not much more to be said.

It’s nice to have a genuine non-puppet villain with an actual concern as a motive and the greater good at heart. But he’s not very smart. With the infinity gauntlet paired with the 6 stones he could pretty much control the whole universe. Thus making him essentially unstoppable and giving him the power to erase half of life. But why didn’t he just double the resources and space? Or triple it? Or make it more self sustainable?

Also interested in the symbol in the post credit scene. Captain Marvel?

And the “THANOS will return”. Are we getting a prequel or an orgy of ex machinas? Don’t see what we can see in his earlier life considering all he’s seem to have done is send failures to collect the stones. Obviously the ones that faded away have to come back, but the others better stay dead, and I’d like to see maybe 1 or 2 other die. The best thing about the film is that no one every felt protected by the invisible shield of luck that is bestowed upon all protagonists. Would hate Avengers 4 to go back to “It’s fine. Everyone is fine. The goodies will save the day.”


Yeah but at that point Thanos had nearly all the stones, and he could control the universe however he wanted. Strange is not that strong, and thanos ily could’ve just tortured or killed strange and gotten the stone anyway. Also, these kind of things usually lead to a victory for the heroes in the end. Like a protagonist lets the antagonist have his way, then some how tricks the bad guy in the end.


It was something that happened when the hobgoblin looking dude with the big sword stabbed vision through the stomach. I think that sword had properties that could weaken the power of the stone or something.


This is of course what will happen, because Marvel aren’t going to kill millions of dollars.

And you say Strange isn’t that strong. He single handedly held Thanos restrained for a few seconds. And he controls time. He could have prevented Thanos from getting the stone by making a time loop or whatever else.

If Strange gave him the stone then it must be for the 1 outcome that leads to the heroes winning.


He is extremely powerful, probably the strongest hero in the movie besides Thor, but he is not strong enough that he could singlehandedly duke it out with a giant of a being with the power to control virtually everything that exists. He might have the power of the time stone on his side, but thanos has the 5 other stones and could easily overpower strange and steal the time stone if strange kept it on him. In fact, he came close the first time when he beat the crap out of strange and ripped the necklace off of strange’s neck.


He didn’t have the mind stone either; Thanos was only able to get the mind stone by undoing time to before Scarlet Witch blew him to smithereens.

And not only did he have time on his side, but he can open portals and put up a hell of a fight even without the others.

Honestly, it Strange brought Thanos to vision and all of the protagonists: Black Panther, Rhodes, Okoye, the Avengers, Guardians, Vision himself they could have beaten Thanos, given how well Stark and Co. did on Titan.


It’s always irritating to keep the fourteen million outcomes in mind. If you’ve thought of a way that they alternatively could’ve stopped Thanos, it’s probably already been done and failed.


Believe it or not, that’s exactly my point. Because as I said:


Right. Based on what he says to Tony, they needed Tony alive in order to beat Thanos.

That’s why Strange gave up the stone, to keep Stark alive because they need him in the end.


Or, that was one of the 14 million scenarios where they lost.

I got the impression that he was only looking at that one encounter, not everything.