Marvel | Avengers: Infinity War Discussion and Thoughts [Spoilers]


I thought it was ‘meh’ like a lot of recent Marvel movies.
The action was pretty good and all the Thor bits were amazing but everything else was a let down. BvS get’s heat for the ‘Martha’ scene but you’re hearing nothing but praise for infinity war despite it having the literal exact same thing with Peter attacking Thanos when he says Gamora that Gamora died.

EDIT: And most of the deaths are meaningless anyway since their actors’ contracts expired or they’re going to be coming back in part two.


Infinity Wars is really the most philosophical movie that I’ve ever watched in this life.

Thano’s motivation struck me as profoundly deep - eradicating half the population of the known universe to save it from starvation and over-population … to seek balance against life by personifying death …

Marvel films have always struck me as deep, such as the part in Age of Ultron, where Ultron and Vision had that conversation about good and evil.

All Marvel villains so far have amazing character development. I liked how in Iron Man 2’s Whiplash was quite deep. He was a man driven to revenge because Stark’s father ruined his parents’ career. So yea, they are not one-dimensional characters who just have no motivation. They all have extensive psychological coverage.

Awesome film. I look forward to other philosophical nuggets in Marvel movies, such as er, I don’t know … maybe the good guys vs bad guys?


You guys know I’m just being ironic right? xP


Well, yeah and apparently the movie knows so too. About the fact that Thanos’ plan sounds good but only on paper.

The post credit scene shows what happens when a chopper in the air has its pilot die. I am betting that several instances of this happen around the cosmos which raise the death toll by a lot.


If I know Marvel by now (and I believe I do since like lots here, I have been here since 2007), the heroes that got the shaft now are much, MUCH safer than the ones who didn’t. In part 2, my guess is that the original cast will perish and make way for the new ones.

And that gets me even more hyped.


Thano’s philosophy is founded on Herbert Spencer’s population control thesis to keep in check over-population, which is bullshit, lol.

EDIT: And Malthus.

It just doesn’t have any depth or profoundness to it.


In defense of Dr. Strange saving Tony Stark by offering the Time Stone I do honestly believe that the reason why he did that was because, in the end, for them to win Tony must be there. Tony, among a few others probably, are a much needed asset for the conclusion.

Now what I will say is why the hell didn’t Dr. Strange just use the Time Stone and, more or less, freeze Thanos in place for all of eternity. Or make him age in reverse and make him an infant or something. I mean he had several options to deal with him.

And I’m kinda sad that nobody here really mentioned how Star Lord, more or less, fucked it up for everyone when he punched Thanos in the face when they were a split second away from getting the gauntlet away from him.

Starlord? More like Startard…

Aside from that I enjoyed it.
Granted I know that something had to happen otherwise if they got the Gauntlet off of him then there’d be pretty much no more movie after that and it’d be a total let down.

Now I did find it funny the whole time how Thanos, for lack of a better term, make Hulk his colossal bitch.
Tho I do think that when the Hulk finally does come back out it will probably be because something really pisses him off. If anything I’d guess something happens to Black Widow and that will make Hulk stop being a puss and put him in a blind rage… hopefully.


I think if Strange used the Time Stone, Thanos would have a chance to take it since he revealed it (remember the necklace was a fake). I could be mistaken. Also yeah, Starlord was a dumbass but it aligns with his character. He entered a similar state of rage in GotG 2 when his father revealed … Y’know, I don’t want to say just in case some people haven’t seen it.

Speaking of that scene where he gives Thanos the stone, did anyone notice how Strange reaches up to the stars, and plucks one out of the sky when the stone appears? I’ve watched the movie four times now and I noticed it last night. It was so cool.


You then have to consider, however, that Scarlet Witch destroyed the Mind stone, at great personal cost. All for what? Thanos uses the Time stone, that Strange handed to him, and undoes that difficult dilemma and gets the stone anyways.

If Strange stayed true to his word, and protected the stone no matter the cost, Thanos would not have been able to get the destroyed Mind stone.


If vision had made everyone else destroy the mind stone earlier, Thanos wouldn’t be able to get it. If Gamora hadn’t told Thanos where the soul stone was or killed herself earlier, he wouldn’t have gotten that. If he only had 3 infinity stones then Thanos could’ve been killed on his home planet.


I’m itching to look at this thread, but I haven’t seen the movie :sob:


I think Thanos killed half the universe knowing that there would be extra deaths. I think in his mind he knows there’s going to be chaos and stuggles at first, but then it will balance itself out.
Also in my mind, there was no way Thanos could have loss. He can’t get Time Stone somehow? Teleports straight to Vision instead of having his victory lap, take mind stone, and then force Strange to give him it.



Red somewhere that Hawkeye was spotted in the set sporting a different sort of duds instead of his normal ones, something that looked more like his Ronin costume. So, Thanos’ snap probably ended one or several members of his family.

Dude . . . rouuuuuuuugh.


Well, comparing it to being a lovestruck puppy in the Infinity Gauntlet, this works a lot better. I mean, I like Thanos’ motivation in the comic but that’s because it’s a comic book. Death would have been too goofy for me on the big screen.

His philosophy, while being a bit full of holes, gives him purpose and focus. This is probably the first superhero movie that’s more about the bad guy and what I just said services the point of the movie quite well.

Besides, the romance between him and Death would have made it the 3rd one in the same movie !


I agree. I actually think his motivation is great in the movie. He pretty much is the protagonist of the film. The movie even says so at the end with “Thanos will return”. I mean, if you really do think about it, this is his movie rather than the Avengers.

If he was like Ultron (a wise-cracking typical jokey villain) I would’ve hated it. I also would have hated if he was like, uh, I don’t want to hop on the “Hate on DC Bandwagon” but… what was his name? Steppenwolf from Justice League? I hope that’s right. Same as Thanos - a fully CGI character and his only motivation is to find those mother boxes, end the League, whatever. Point is that Steppenwolf was an generic, typical cardboard cutout of a villain that spurted predictable lines.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Thanos had a personality and was a, y’know, an actual character despite being fully CGI comparatively to Steppenwolf. I was worried that they were going to make him such a boring villain but during the movie found myself more invested in his character than I thought I would be.


From my POV, Thanos had just as many layers as Ultron. But that’s only because I find that Ultron expresses some traits I have come across in some of my favorite books. They are not apparent at first.

I still sometimes prefer Ultron to Thanos but for someone who has been teased for almost 7 years, they did a wonderful job with the purple giant.


Understandable. I initially enjoyed Ultron before he started to tell quips, although I’m aware why he does so in the first place (he’s based off Stark, etc.).

They got his voice down perfectly, I will admit. I also liked his strings theme. But Thanos is just the better villain to me.


I don’t think Dr Strange did what you think. He said he saw one future where they won. He never told everyone else what it was.

He hinted at this by saying they were at the end game.

Edit: I see this was talked to death already.


My problem with Ultron is that I don’t think they reached his potential.
Ultron to me should be Earth’s Thanos (where Thanos is the threat to the entire universe, Ultron is that to Earth specifically) but he wasn’t really going through with it. Yeah he was going to smash the meteor into the ground, but Ultron in previous versions have had much more interesting outcomes.

Also yeah, I am betting Avengers 4 starts out with Hawkeye with his family and then watching them turn to dust in front of him.


I think it mostly has to do with his origin.

Ultron in the comics was Hank Pym’s creation. He is not what one calls down to Earth and modest.

Ultron in the MCU, while he was created by Stark whose ego is the size of . . . Ego, he was also created by Bruce. Their personalities clash, more often than not so he too, is conflicted.

I would also put up some spoiler tags for that last thingy right there :wink:


Because of the point they made of showing Thanos being seriously hurt from using the gauntlet, I get the distinct feeling the next film will end with someone (my guess is Cap) sacrificing themselves to use the gauntlet and bring everyone back.