Marvel | Avengers: Infinity War Discussion and Thoughts [Spoilers]


Destiny arrives.

So Infinity War just came out, internationally I’m pretty sure. I’m in Australia so I’ve already seen it twice now. Easily a 9/10 film for me, although that is a very rare score for me to give any film. Like many people are saying I thought it was both emotionally exhausting while equally as thrilling.

To people here who have also seen it, what did you think?


My heart shattered when spiderman died.


His was by far the worst death. Just him clinging to Tony and begging, and… ugh. No stop.


I didn’t go in with high expectations, I wasn’t hyped up a lot as I was for the first Avengers or Civil War, and even then I was a bit disappointed.

Characters were probably the biggest letdown. I didn’t like how Banner and Thor were relegated to silly banter and situations, and wacky dialogue. Banner especially, at least Thor has a couple of cool and badass moments.
I didn’t like how Dr. Strange suddenly turns into an emotional idiot just to let the plot advance when he gives the Time Stone to Thanos to save Tony, when there was barely any attachment between the two and he seemed adamant about protecting the stone at any cost, even their lives, just moments before.
I didn’t like the romances between Vision and Wanda and Starlord and Gamora, as they’re both basically the same thing, one of the two has to make the oh so difficult decision to kill the other for the greater good. Think about it, it’s the exact same situation repeated twice, just with different couples.
I honestly think Thanos is the only really good thing in the movie, characters wise. A villain with a solid motivation, that makes sense and is actually menacing and with a strong presence on the scene.

The battles didn’t feel epic enough imo, I would put those of Civil War, and the other two Avengers movies over this one’s. The action was still entertaining though, it’s not like it was boring and unexciting. Just felt short of greatness, I think.

I liked how they balanced the cast, it didn’t feel a “Cap and Iron Man and their friends” kinda movie like I heard some people fearing it would be. Nor did the pacing seem off to me.

Overall, an ok movie. Didn’t regret spending money to see it, but I’m not dying to rewatch it. The Russo brothers got me used to better, as I see it.


Only thing I could personally dispel is that you proposed Doctor Strange gave up the time stone for no reason other than being emotional. It’s mentioned that he saw fourteen million possible endings and that they only won one. He also said “this was the only way” before he died.

It’s assumed that he gave up the time stone because he knows that it has to happen in order for them to win.

Your other critiques are perfectly justified though. I respect your opinion although I disagree with a few things you mentioned.


I kinda took that as “It was the only way to save you”. I hope you’re right though.


I know dude it put me in my feelings. Spiderman is my favorite hero watching him go out like that was so brutal to me :cold_sweat:


Vision was getting his ass kicked all movie .


That’s just what I gathered the second time watching, really. You may also be right as well. But it’s just pretty obvious not all the people that got snapped are going to remain dead.

Yeah. The rest of the deaths were awful, but I’m still not over Spiderman’s. He’s also my favourite alongside Vision, so I mean… Um… Rip.


Multiverse… whoever dies… do they really? Nuff said


Is this a good movie? I missed a lot of marvel movies because my dad was in China.


Tough one. I enjoyed it since I’m a Marvel fan and have been keeping up on everything. So if you haven’t been, some things might seem confusing - for example the beginning may seem strange and rushed but it isn’t if you’ve watched Thor Ragnarok. Some characters might seem to be out of nowhere but in truth it’s been built up for ages now.

The action is fun, the jokes are funny, and the effects are serviceable, at least in my opinion. The emotional stuff hits. Acting is all there.
However if you’re looking for a movie like Spiderman: Homecoming where it’s just a fun summer movie you may be let down. The ending is rather draining and the whole movie is pretty emotionally exhausting.

I went to a theater with loads of casual fans (adults, who did not keep up with the Cinematic Universe whatsoever, who had just brought their kids clearly to keep them entertained because it’s a superhero movie) and it didn’t seem like they really enjoyed it.


Bruh… I went in thinking this would be a great superhero movie with the typical Marvel banter, but then towards the end when everyone was getting killed movie Voldemort style I was all like “What? No!!!” And then Peter had to go and cling to Tony and that really got me fucked up…

And then Nick during the end credit screen made it a slight bit better with his “motherfu-” lol


I thought he gave up the Time Stone because out of the 14 million timelines he saw it was the only way to ensure a victory in the end? I could be wrong.


Yeah. Well, the theme of the movie was failure. It really does make you feel like they’re all going to win, especially with Vision, and then…

I’m interested the most to see what Tony will do.


He’ll definitely be angry af that’s for sure. I think since Tony’s super impulsive, he’d probably want to just go to Thanos and tell him to square up first, but I think Cap or someone will make him come to his senses and build up a plan, or at least find people to help first.

Also, Nick called Captain Marvel in the end credits scene, so just a random guess that she’s part of said help… lol


Yeah maybe. I don’t know, I know Tony is impulsive, but I don’t think he’d be stupid enough to go after Thanos on his own since he knows what he can do.


Never doubt what a desperate person with little to lose is willing to throw themselves into.


The kicker for me is that I have to see it again today and I am just not ready for some of the scenes.

I mean . . . This is the first Marvel movie that spends its ENTIRETY on ways for good guys to get the crap kicked out of them.

I was seriously waiting for one of the trinity to bite it. Instead, my boy Pete got turned to dust. The Guardians !!! BP ! Bucky !

It is gonna be weird for the movies between IW and the second part. Wonder who else got killed behind the scenes.

Final word, Red Skull. Did NOT see that coming.


This was the Empire Strikes Back of the MCU
Everything about Thanos was great, seeing all the heroes together, Ebony Maw was enjoyable, and that ending really surprised me that they went for the snap.
Also I find it funny Peter basically met and got Gamora’s fathers approval.
I am interested to see what Strange’s plan is since he no doubt saw that giving Thanos the stone at that point would lead to their “endgame” win. Now we have to wait and see how the remaining Avengers deal with their tremendous loss, how Captain Marvel plays a factor (after her movie set in the 90s), and what the heck Thanos does now that he has completed his goal.