Markov's mine damage


for the amount of time that his mines take to setup, and the number of abilities that the monsters have to destroy them, dont you think that they dont do enough damage?

look at torvald’s mortars, they dont have setup time and he can use them every 6 seconds for tons of damage. markov has to hope that the monster walks into them, and even if the monster does, how many mines were placed in the process (wasted time that he could use his assault rifle/lighting gun.


Yeah, I think they are fine considering how spam’able they are.
I’d rather not be forced to pick flame breath when I’m Goliath.


Replace “hope” with expect, and you just described every other assault utility in the game. Prediction placement is built in to that role and I’ve seem some assaults get their timing and positioning right more often than not. That is what makes a deployable like mines effective, not the amount of damage… especially when you can have 5 active within a dome at a time.

P.S. last patch buffed mine dmg by 50pts.


Their health did get nerfed a.little hard from the patch a while back, before flame breath lvl2 wrecked em but level 1 had a problem so they nerfed em sadly


Markov’s mines counter a Rock Throw, Mortars do not.