Markov's Lightning Gun vs Banshee Mines

I think a lot of people will agree when I say that Markov is a little underwhelming right now and in ESL his only pick reason seems to be to counter Kraken’s Banshee-Mines. I have 3 problems with this:

  1. Assault Characters are unequally effective against different monsters. (not only Markov, not only Assaults)
  2. 1 Ability is rendered almost useless against a specific character (Jack is a problem too)
  3. Even though 1 Banshee-Mine-Point is often used against Markov, 3 just seems like a waste.

My suggestion would be the following: The stronger the Banshee-Mines (the more points are put into them) the more Capacity they drain from the Lightning Gun to pop. This would transform Banshees from an offensiv tool to a defensive tool against Markov because it would allow a Kraken to drain the Lightning Gun quicker without taking more damage himself. To balance this out for Markov I’m thinking of a Capacity buff for the Lightning Gun. If this change goes online, I think the Assaults would be more equal when fighting a Kraken and also Markov would be more viable against the other monsters.

Not a bad idea. In your version, do they get a defensive Buff so that all things take longer to pop them or just the LG?

I was thinking about the Banshees poping as quick as now but instantly dropping the Lighning-Gun-Capacity. So to speak they damage the Batterie of the Lightning Gun instead of a player.

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Wait…why would only banshee mines drain it quicker?

Would anything be done to make Markov’s mines more useful against Kraken? Right now I don’t have a problem with Lightning Gun totally shutting down Banshee Mines because it’s a halfway decent trade for Markov’s big burst being essentially meaningless against Kraken.


Because Bashee mines damage is negated by the lightning gun with no effort on Markov’s side. I dont want to make the Lightning Gun shut down banshees less effectively but that there is a trade off for using the auto-connecting lightning gun on banshee mines as well as that 3 points in banshee mine is not a complete waste while markov is on the field.

Also I dont see the mines as markovs big burst but as an area denial-tool. The Kraken cant land on a landmine. Also sometimes the ceiling is too low to fly over the mines like in the relay room on orbital drill.

This is a nerf markov thread…



Yes I want to nerf Markov. Absolutly.

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Honestly I think most people just overestimate the Banshee Mines.

I don’t think the Lightning Gun’s easy counter to banshee Mines would’ve been so obvious to players if they were to just learn to assign the Trapper or whichever Hunter to always take care of the Banshee Mines.

As for this topic, I like the idea, though a capacity buff to his Lightning Gun would indeed be a necessary counter.
Hell, it’s actually already necessary. Go for it.


Markov’s mines are negated by kraken’s flying seems fair for them to have a counter to one of each others abilities.

LG counters BM

flying counters mines


The banshees already have like a 1 second delay until they can hit a hunter. Why not take that 1 second delay and let them not be destroyed in that time either?

The only problem with Markovs lightning gun is, that it destroys them instantly, just because he’s shooting at the monster. Giving the banshees a save 1 sec (or whatever time that is) after shot would fix this already, without any other confusing adjustments.

On the other side, banshees are still MINES. If Markov places mines while the monster is hitting them, they also explode prematurely without doing damage and noone complains about that.
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Nah. People really only take Banshees for the juggle and the little extra damage. The LG fires from full to empty in I believe 7 seconds? And takes a good bit of time to recharge. And Markov isn’t always in LG range.

Watch the ESL Krakens, even against Markov they still land a fair few number of Banshees. And it only cost them 1 skill point and like the 0.2 seconds to even cast it anyways. I think it’s fine as is.

There are a decent number of abilities that seem to foil one another in this game. I know, it’s not the best example because Decoy, right? But Hyde completely shuts down Decoy Wraiths. Other Hunters can do it too but occasionally they can even give me the slip. Not when Hyde is on the team though.

That’s ok, doesn’t bother me a whole lot. I can get them back on the fied near instantly anyway so.

As it stands right now I think it’s fair.

I mean it’s no different from hyde’s toxic nades which destroy BM upon entering the cloud so…

That’s what I was trying to say :smile:

As Markov you don’t place mines while being focused, so you don’t do it as Kraken either. This doesn’t need to be changed, but I wouldn’t bother if it did.

I’d like mines to be stronger, like they used to be.
Cause that was sure as hell funny, when there’s a loop in the arena, and you chase the monster round, and they have to go up a cliff, but unbeknownst to them, Markov had put mines far enough away from the ledge so they couldn’t see them until it was too late, but close enough to the ledge that the “pull over ledge” animation pushes them into it :wink:

Banshee grenades are trash never had a problem with them personally, never picked them as a kraken only to elite him. If you were to nerf his lightning gun make his mines have an infinite vertical range so they are actually worth a damn against a kraken. This way the only way to beat mines is to go around or destroy them(sorry Goliath/Wraith)

Counter picking is utterly retarded in a game where one team has the luxury of 4 different counter variables while the other only has 1.
In order for the game to be balanced all hunters need to be equally effective against all monsters, and vice versa.

We have plans to make Banshee Mines more consistent against Markov’s lightning gun. The change would force Markov to choose between destroying mines or attacking Kraken rather than just have the lightning gun tethered to Kraken and doing both.


This isn’t a problem, you don’t need to change anything


Are you going to buff Markov if you do that because he’s pretty underwhelming against anything that isn’t kracken @LordDeath