Markovs Health reduction


So Markovs health reduction is 75% who else thinks that markov is now completely useless unless they change this quickly because it’s going to make him a one hit kill.


That’s for the mines, not Markov himself.


Yeah they reduced the health of mines, not Markov. Lel…


What did I just read?



Lol XD my bad got that mixed up lol


This thread is hilarious. The amount of time it takes to look something up Vs. The amount of time it takes to make a thread. lol


Takes like 2 minutes to make a thread. Misunderstood because It said health reduction not damage reduction on the patch notes lol


thats because its a health reduction and not a damage reduction. you are not the brightest candle of the cake eh?


Was rezzing an 11 day old thread necessary just to point out the obvious?


Why doesn’t a mod like, close this and unlink it and all that? Dude knows what it is now.