Markov Strategy, Tips and Advice thread


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Hey folks, bought evolve today
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Stage 2: Markov Strategy, Tips and Advice

This topic is now stage 3. MARKOV IS ALWAYS STAGE 3! ARGH!


My style: The Turtle

Perks: Reload speed/Damage Resistance

Plan: As soon as you land MINES!!! Everywhere, don’t ever stop… Especially if you see the monster… When you spot the monster you should be mining up cliffs for your medic, at least two on medic at all times

My Markov doesn’t pull out a weapon until he sees that shiny blue dome fall on top of the monsters head… And he always keeps a full jetpack fuel, because juking into mine for silly monsters is Markov’s main plan.

He tries his best to juke most damage and keep health above half, and before he pops Markov returns to medic to refresh/ reinforce mine placement…then tries to go back in full health with his weapon out for the last seconds of shield


Tip for Mines: When you slap down mines at an edge, step them back a meter or two from the edge, so that the red field is less likely to be noticed by a climbing Monster, but close enough to force them to faceplant into them because the climbing animation forces them a meter or so onto the ledge once they crest the top. (The higher the surface Monster needs to climb, the better this works, as they likely won’t notice mines until they reach that crest-spot)

Boom! Works well when your Medic (Or hell, whoever the Monster fancies) knows that they are there (A simple ping and a “Hey mines are here” usually suffices, even for pubs). Even better when if you have a Cabbage on the team who is spot on with that amp :stuck_out_tongue:


This is probably the single thing I miss most about Markov being a popular pick. As a medic main, having a mine field to fall back to is extremely useful. Even better when the monster can’t see the mines in time :slight_smile: I’ve seen a monster lose half it’s armor with a well placed mine field before, people really underestimate them, especially with the amp.

  • If your team happens to kill a large wildlife during your hunt, because it’s an albino or because it just got in the way, try dropping a mine in the very centre of the corpse. It’s a longshot, but it may be that the Monster will be confused into eating the easy meal and taking a hit in the process. Every little helps. But, of course, don’t waste time going out of your way to kill large wildlife just for this.

  • If a team-mate gets into trouble with a pack of aggressive wildlife, e.g. Blitz Leopards or Trapjaws, your Lightning Gun is the best tool in the game to clear out the threat quickly thanks to its’ arcing effect.


Another tip:

The Lightning Gun is of great aid to your team in combat against the Kraken when he deploys Banshee Mines. The arc effect and auto-aiming of your weapon mean you can clear out Banshee Mines with easy, even the instant they are launched. In particular, if you see activated Banshees homing in on a team-mate and you think you can jet within range in time, aid them.


In a fight, after your initial mines have been exhausted what should you do? should you prioritize your lightning gun if the monster focuses a target for free damage? When should you back away and start laying down mines again? Is it safe to put mines in the same area you did before (esp. For other teammates) or is it optimal to switch it up? Which formations of mines are better against which monsters? Lastly, which perks or playstyle will maximize markov’s damage potential?

If any one or several (or all) of these questions can be answered, I would be grateful.


Man, in a game like evolve, there are so freaking many variables that it is all but impossible to answer your question. I’ll try.

Mines; After your mines have been exhausted, you have to choose whether to use your mines to protect a high-value target, or get your damage. So this REALLY depends on who is on your team.

For example, if Lazarus is on your team, it can be beneficial to provide a minefield for him to run through mid-fight. Put your mines on a ledge, or around a corner outside of the monster’s line of sight. Remember, if the monster sees you putting down mines, they can destroy your mines before they are armed, so try to place mines outside of the area the monster is fighting in to give them time to arm.

Mines against a Wraith and Kraken are less effective, because mines won’t detonate on warp blast/abduction and Kraken spends too much time flying around. So against these two monsters, you’ll need to gauge how good your trapper is; if your trapper can keep the monster in stasis/harpoons, you can still make use of your mines against these two.

Think fast, think on your feet baby. This is one of those moments where you’ll have to decide for yourself the best course of action, and it will depend on the feedback you get from your monster. As in, if the monster walked into your previous minefield and your teammate knows where to go to escape the monster then, sure, try it again. Ideally, the mines will be in a blind spot where the monster won’t see the mines until it is too late. If you can consistently pull that off, keep going.

Most of my mine formations consist of scattering them around a high value target (Hank, Lazarus) so the monster gets punished for chasing my teammates.

As far as perks, capacity increase all the way. You’ll actually get a pretty good charge out of the lightning gun before it has to reload. I kinda wanna play around with reload speed (my favorite perk for Parnell) because getting personal shields back quicker is soooo freaking handy. The less time the medic has to spend on you the better.

Hope that helped. I’m not the best with Markov, and I still prefer Parnell, but Markov is a lot of fun.


It did help, a lot. Thank you very much.


So if my LG is recharging, am I supposed to just stand there? Because I was switching to my machine gun while it was so I could keep up the damage, but apparently the guy I was playing with didn’t care for that much (to say the least, lol).

Is there something else I should have been doing?


You can try relaying mines while lightning gun is charging.


Does reload speed make mines arm faster? I’ve never thought of that until now, but that’d be really nice if they did


If you have good consistent accuracy with the assault rifle you can do more DPS if you hit only body/head shots on the monster with the AR than using the LG. The LG is much easier to aim and does consistent damage when in range though. Markov should always be either laying mines or using the AR when the LG is recharging.

Good mine placement and accuracy with the AR seem to separate the good Assaults from the great Assaults when it comes to Markov. FYI you can kill large wildlife faster with AR headshots than the LG (Nomads, Sloths, Armadons), but the LG is best for smaller animals like reavers, blitz leopards, and mammoth birds.

Even when not in combat you should be laying mines at choke points to give problems for the monster.

@SirChansferdX3 Reload should not arm the mines faster, but should allow you to place mines quicker. I have not tested this though to confirm 100%.