Markov Mines vs rolling Behemoth


I had a few games with Markov agains Behemoth and I noticed, that sometimes the mines react differently when Behemoth rolls through them.

In some cases when he rolled through the mine he took the full damage, but in some cases he just destroyed them without taking any damage at all. And yes, those were active mines.

I guess it is because the roll deals damage so he damages the mine before it can explode, but why is it different each time?


Interesting, we should summon a dev O.o theyre working on his ball already because he has crit points while rolling thus would be good to bring up


@Macman sorry dude you’re the only dev name i know


Not sure. We can put it theough qa and see if they can repro. As always, if you can get a video that’s always helpful.


Maybe if he hits an active mine dead-center, he destroys it without taking damage, and when he goes through the read field without hitting the mine, it does deal damage.

Idk, just a theory.


Makes some good sense, since he does immidiate damage with his roll rather than landing and hitting it afterwards ill have to play it and see if direct rolling voids it


It could also be speed reliant. Maybe he can hit the mine before it explodes if he’s moving at a certain speed.


Detonation lag is definately a very probable cause ive seen them take a half second extra to explode alot, makes alot of sense