Markov Mine Buff?


Anyone feel like Markov’s mines need a little buff?
Good monsters so rarely get caught out them, as they are quite easy to destroy (This is a good thing), but it would be nice for them to be punished big time when they DO get caught out.
Would like to see what other people think of Markov’s mines atm.


Some part of him needs a dmg upgrade anyway


Try playing Goliath without Flame Breath against a good Markov.

With the mines you at least force the monster to either take the damage or waste an ability.


His mines got a 10% damage buff in the last micropatch. His damage before the patch was 500 and now it’s 550.

His lightning gun should get a small buff because he does the least damage per clip, it’s about 850 damage per clip I believe.


1 point in flame isn’t so bad to have to take though right?
1 point in 9 doesn’t change up your play style too bad :stuck_out_tongue:


Also they don’t really waste an ability. The only time you would need to go into mines is following a hunter, so when you flamebreath mines they pop almost immediately and you still set your target on fire.
Not really wasting anything.


i think his mines are doing brutal damage but like you say only IF the monster runs into them. the damage is ok but an experienced monster has no problems to destroy them or go arround them to make them nearly useless. but if the monster runs into a setup of mines it will be a big punish for him


considering the other assaults…options. markovs mines need to hit like a truck again. I think they should be reverted back to vanilla. hes just useless without it.


Whenever I play assault, I play markov, and I find them to be fine. They are hard to master though so I can see what you mean


The damage should be reverted back, but they should keep the setup time and low health


I think it would be better the other way, bring the health of the mines up and keep the damage lower. I would rather have consitent protection than good damage that only afftects a bad monster.


Yeah, but that can lead to them not being destroyed when they should be :L


Yeah, but I think if markov has to take THAT much time to put them out then monsters should have to respect them.
there are just too many ways to remove them very quickly.
all of kraken doesnt care about mines
goliath has the flame breath which pops them (seemingly) the second fire touches them
wraith’s warpblast trail(not the ending) will set them off without damaging wraith as well as abduct and decoy
and then bob has the lava bomb.

Basically, I feel mines are darn useless atm since they get popped so easily by almost everything.
they could give the mines huge dmg buffs but it wont change that they never hit any decent monsters.


Mines are fine. All about how you use them.


I think they’re situational at best. Maybe I’m wrong and have been using them stupidly.
Could you show me a video where a markov plants mines that almost always hit, hit a majority of the time, or actually force a monster to not go through them regularly?

Because everytime I place them a couple things happen
a) i spend half the dome placing them for them to blowup without real damage to anything
b) fire or something else clips over edges or around corners and pops them prematurely.
c) A hunter runs to them for safety and the monsters pop them with any of their mine popping skills while still damaging the hunter theyre chasing.

I’ve never had them be useful in a game. ended up dropping markov alltogether.


Mines are good on the clumsy/new monsters but not the best against decent monsters, but we can’t change it much to be more effective on the good monsters because it will destroy the clumsy and new monsters.

I think the mines are perfect. If you want to get the decent monsters then put them on top of cliffs where the monster can’t see them, exclude kraken since nothing can’t be done for him.


Don’t forget that Behemoth can simply roll over them before they’re armed and poof, gone.


I wonder if the mines are already fixed on him. In the past when mines were deployed they would sometimes do damage and sometimes they wouldn’t.


Triggered an already active mine with melee today as Goliath, and pretty sure I took no damage from it


In my opinion, Markov should be able to place mines on walls. Or something that can help him against the Kraken. In my opinion, Markov’s mines are near useless against the Kraken, because of the Kraken’s ability to fly/glide.