Markov is the only animated char in hunter select


When you look at that screen that shows the monster and 4 hunters before the match starts, Markov’s plasma rifle has electricity rotating inside. Every other character is a still image. Am i wrong? Why is this? Discuss.


Actually several of them do. The liquid inside Lazarus’s glove moves, for example. Not all, but not just Markov.


I see. Any others?


I think there are, but I’ve never cared to look. And I can’t remember. I’ll check in game later, I guess. :slight_smile:


Nope. Just Markov and Laz.


I think you’re able to see the laser on Torvold’s mortar glove, I don’t remember if it is animated though


Laser on Torvald and some glow on Caira’s launcher. I also think Slim’s cigarette, or whatever it is, glows.


Ah, okay. I never choose Caira, and I don’t have T4. I don’t like Torvald’s laser in game btw. It goes out like, two feet from his wrist and ends abruptly. It looks like a long red straw.


It doesn’t



They should make it fade instead of ending. Would look better aesthetically.


I think it would be cool if it stretched out infinitely. I also don’t really see the point of the laser… Do his mortars utilize it or something? I know he has a shotgun, and he has shrapnel grenades (and I don’t see how those could utilize the laser really), so what exactly is the laser for? I don’t play Torvald, so…


Its for targeting his mortars.


Ah, I see.


Torvald’s robot hand has lights that pulse on the select screen.


We already established this.


Good for you.


I know, right? Sorry you got ninja’d bro!


Griffin’s flashlight seems to flicker.


They should play the animations that are on the main menu, that would be cool. Kinda boring looking at a still image of them.