Markov display bug


looking at markov at the character select screen in a game, the electricity from his back pack is no longer displaying. instead it is kind of super dark grey/black squares moving around. this is on PS4. from what i can tell, no other issues related to this, game still plays.


This happens to me as well, Val’s jet pack looks like blocks and Markov has this stuff around him. Maybe it’s a PS4 thing :confused:


I don’t know how to catch screenshots with my PS4 but I managed to catch a pic of the problem. They are not as clear as I hoped… @MrStrategio I think this is your forte? :sweat_smile:

Val’s jet pack seizures up suddenly so I couldn’t catch it exactly.


I had the exact same problem yesterday with markow, thought it was a one time bug. Apparently not then


Thanks for reporting the issue.

When did this start to happen?
Was it right after the patch or some time after?
Does it persist after every round?
Does it persist after restarting the game?


I had it when I first got the game. Yeah it happens all the time, Val has blocks or electricity coming out of her jetpacks and Markov sometimes gets black blocks or a murky grey mass around him


Had this same issue ever since the patch…pretty much every character that has particle effects (such as Hanks Cigar smoke) has those odd dark patches. Again this never happened to me untill the big patch/dlc. Same with the crazy load times in between games…


Hey Strategio, I’m not sure if these issues are related, but when I’m shoutcasting and teams pick markov I can actually see the lightning effects (and only those) from Markov floating on the ground when the teams are loading in, right next to where the monster spawns.


It happens randomly but since this latest ps4 patch there’s been a load of bugs think about putting this one near the bottom of your priority list as there’s more game breaking ones that need addressing first.

I’ve already created a thread early for that if you want to check it out