Markov could use a slight damage buff to Lightning gun


Markov’s mines were OP but now they are pretty meh. His Lightning gun IS the easiest gun to use out of the assaults since it is basically autoaim but it is also the lowest DPS out of all the guns. Its reload time also seems to be the longest. Overall Markov’s DPS seems to be noticeably lower compared to the other assaults.


Nah, I think the gun is pretty well balanced, its a consistent weapon so you can add the damage perk or do quick switch


Yea . However maybe 5% dmg increase will be fine, but its ballanced .
Only problem I have with him are the mines . TRS BUFF THEM A BIT!


The mine nerf was a bit too much. I still think if they pop instantly and take longer to arm, they should do more damage not less.


I agree the time it takes for markov to deploy those mines vs how quickly they pop isn’t really worth it.
It takes ages to places a good defensive area for your team to fall back to, and they get completely removed way too easy and fast.

I view them as defensive area denial for a monster. They should be obvious, and they should take a little time to get rid of. Right now they just instantly dissapear with most abilities. i don’t think I should have to trick a monster into running into them. I also don’t think I should be able to just spam them in combat.

I want to take some time in the begining of a dome to make a safe place for my teammates to run.
right now they feel completely useless.

i agree they were too much before. but the dmg reduction and the arm time were good nerfs, but i think they should have dialed back on the health nerf.


Perhaps a damage boost could be counterbalanced by less charge, if it would be too much.

Would make Capacity Increase more feasble.


I solidly agree on this.