Markov Buff Never Came


The buff to Markov, Arc mine damage increase from 600 to 675 and LG range increase from 22 to 25m, never made it in the game.

So you guys have been talking the next Micropatch lately

I thought it was from 22 to 25(without mastery)


It’s in the patch notes. :confused:


Yeah, but it never came. Same damage, same range.


I wonder how many other adjustments didn’t make it into the game…


I’ll get some video up soon.


That’s a good question.


Here’s the link to the range of the LG.


Here’s the link to the AM damage.


Are masteries turned on in this? What does the lightning gun increase in with masteries?


Masteries are on.


You’re right. I already told some TRS employees directly. Hopefully they’re addressing it.


I hope so too. Thanks to Feng for bringing it to my attention.


It’s in the dev build I believe. So, the fix should be coming soon™ with the Title Update.


Since we just got a new balance patch and @gef_1_man_army reminded me of this bug, I wanted to revive this thread. The Markov changes posted in these patch notes:

Continuing the discussion from Patch 8.0.0 Notes (All Platforms):

Never happened. Perhaps they’ve been abandoned at this point, but just in case the devs actually still want these changes to be in the game I want to point out that they are not. @Onetrolltorulethem helped me test this in a multiplayer setting, since @Insane_521 mentioned that my findings may be inaccurate if tested in solo play. Here’s a video from our test game as evidence of our findings:

(perks and mastery are disabled, as usual)


Markov needs all the love he can get :cry:


Interesting i had a thought a lot of these buffs/nerfs don’t actually make it in the game! i know the health reduction after a strike is still the same and Kraken is still OP i mean why nerf the melee attacks then buff the snowball ones? makes no sense whatsoever because kraken hardly has a boxing match with you anyway yet they buff his air melee!


I think at this point isn’t it safe to say that there was a planned buff at some point, but by now it’s not been deemed necessary and has been rescinded?


My tests show this has been changed. Do you have any proof of this?

I think that’s plausible, but not a safe assumption at all since we know that TRS has had a problem in the past with changes they intend to go live not being integrated into their final versions.


I’m surprised a dev hasn’t responded to this. Perhaps I shall summon the mightiest of them 'all @Insane_521 and see what happens.