Marker Spamming


So, can we do something about these markers? Hearing that thing 6000 times in a row is so fucking annoying. At least turn the sound off or put a cooldown on it or whatever. Something to keep people from spamming the crap out of it.


Spamming it is the way for us people without mics to yell at you.
we need attention :cry:


I think it’s good. It helps me draw attention to something and if I hit a rock when I meant to go further I can re-aim.


This. It’s imperative to ping flawlessly. Disrupting that isn’t worth it.


Well a cool down would not work, if you were attacked by a monster an you’re trying to ping but it’s on cool down that would suck. Granted the red skull is a good giveaway to your location but still, it’s a bit unnecessary to change anything.


the mark is completely unnecessary in that situation. the red skull and that triangle thing tell everyone where you are. Plus anyone with eyes can see your health dropping. There is literally no reason to spam it and no reason to allow it to be spammed.


Did i not just say that??? lol Please read my comment again.


I’ve seen where the monster would ponce someone and teammates would ignore them thinking they had gotten stuck in a plant or something. Having the red ping is very helpful


But i stand by what i said there’s no reason to change it,… get less annoying teammates next time haha.


I agree I’ve watched an witnessed many game plays where they don’t even know their teammates are in trouble, or just let them die.


Yeah there are times where there marker will mix up with the hud in a wierd way and you cant tell someone is down behind you.


Exactly the ping is important it’s like poking your teammates to get into gear an save your ass from disaster.


I use it to tell the enormous amount of useless people to sort there sh*t out. :sunglasses:


God, don’t change the markers. Adding a cooldown would just screw up communication. They’re not even that annoying.


Hearing the marker noise so much that it’s burned into your mind:


No thanks.

When 3 of our teammates are defending the generator waiting for the monster and one turd is running off into the distance trying to find the monster the only thing that draws them back is the simultaneous marker blings from the rest of us. Its our way of saying “HEY YOU, YEAH THE DOOFUS RUNNING AROUND GETTING EATEN BY PLANTS. GET BACK HERE!” in bling speak.


No way. I love pinging bushes.