MarioKart 8...200cc


So…how do I get this exactly? I downloaded the new content and have my sweet sweet Dry Bowser and all of the new tracks that I can tell…but it doesn’t give me the 200cc race option and I’m not sure how to get to it? Do I need to have gold in all of the cups? Do I need to have gotten a cup in all of the 100cc and 150cc races before the option for 200cc shows up? I’ve mainly played it with my son so we’ve largely stuck to the slower tracks. We have gold trophies in all of the 50cc tracks, and have 5 more trophies to go in 150cc, and only have two trophies in 150cc! But I want to go for 200cc…just don’t see any options for it.


I don’t have the new Mariokarts, but pretty much the new options are almost always opened up either by winning previous cups and/or getting gold on all previous cups. I mean, Gold in all 150cc usually opens up the later ones.


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Don’t do it. I saw 200cc last night.

It was the most horrifying thing in my life.


Lol, that crazy huh? Sounds like a blast to play if I can convince my hubby to get in on it. I wanna try it so bad! I mean, I paid for the new content, but I don’t have this option? It only gives me 50cc,100cc, and 150cc. I can’t find anywhere on-line that says I’d have to have had anything unlocked in order to use what I paid for. Nothing seems to explain why I don’t have the option.



She’s female. As far as I know


Aw he didn’t meant it in a offensive way :<


Why was this flagged? It seemed like an innocent statement to me.

Oh and for the record, she is indeed a woman.


Yeah why? 0_o


Sorry if I offended anyone :frowning: I was just curious


You didn’t offend anyone to the best of my knowledge.

Back on topic though, I shall find out for you and get back to you, Sledge! I am the google-master (hell, I used to work for 'em!)

Edit: Aaaaand ten seconds later the answer is – You have to have beaten all 150cc Grand Prix cups with a gold to unlock 200cc


Wow that’s alot


I am not offended, though it was a bit tongue-in-cheek so I could kinda see that. It was flagged by a dev. But for the record yep, I am a woman. I’ve been playing through the 100cc’s right now…

@Hydrawolf…so, then…200cc will probably never happen for me. There’s no way I can beat Rainbow Road on gold at 150cc! You guys must be race masters to get that. I’m bummed now! I was so looking forward to it.


I got 'em all in the last mario kart I owned for wii but that was quite a while back. I don’t have Mario Kart 8… wish I did. Wish they’d make a new Mario Party that wasn’t DS/3DS stuff too… I’ve never understood why they’d do that. Mario Kart and Mario Party are all about the family fun! No family wants to buy 3DS’s for everyone just to play.


Still sad about no 200cc for me. I don’t care if I suck at 150cc racing (and by suck I mean not getting all golds)…I still want to lose crazily in 200cc Rainbow Road!

But good news! They did just release Mario Party 10 for the Wii U! I played it a couple times so far since I just got it…seems pretty standard. I really loved the original Wii title. This version has everyone riding in the same car which is weird and not sure I care for that. This weekend I hope to try out the new 4vs1 Bowser VS everyone else mode.


You might make it! Just work for it as hard as you’ve worked on the Hunter’s Quest App!

Now I must get a Wii U! Did you ever play the first one on N64 back in the day? I still remember the minigame where you had to spin around the joystick as fast as you can and so everyone would use their palm and get raw spots in the center of the palm. Eventually they made little gloves for it to kinda counteract the hurty pain XD.

Ahh Mario… I have such fond memories of you and all your games… except sunshine.


Never had N64 sadly. If I did maybe I would have learned joysticking. I am joystick fail.


It’s not tough to get used to. Play Fallout 3 on a console and you’ll get all the practice you ever wanted and all the fun too ^_^. I mean… you coooullld play any game on a console really but… Fallout is… Fallout.

Super nintendo then? Or perhaps Coleco/Atari? I’ve got nearly everything XD.


If I recall…on our old Wii we DID manage to get gold in the grand prix featuring the rainbow road…but rainbow road we did NOT snag a 1st place in…so maybe…there is a chance! But it’s gonna be a group effort for sure.