March 1st Reset? Poll


So since a new month is coming, I was hoping we got reset the Hunt 2.0 leaderboards and rank. I see many people complaining that they are just stuck in their rank because of bad matchmaking or they are getting promoted --> demoted --> promoted again and again. Now since people have a feeling of how Hunt 2.0 works with matchmaking and stuff compared to launch, that we can have a reset. People play smarter and harder…

  • YES RESET Please
  • No leave it

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It’s a little late for them to decide to do that, I think.


Game is still goin strong, I doubt it. Still a lot of time till tier 3 adaptations… Maybe a tier 6… Plenty of time :slightly_smiling:


I meant because you’re asking them to reset it tomorrow, and it’s currently 4:50 where they’re at on a Sunday.


wow, i didn’t realize it is tomorrow lol



Don’t reset it till Kraken is fixed dammit.


I’m apposed to resetting it. I think it’s in the best shape it’s been, and I think that’s because it the system gets better with age.
Although, if 9.0 is the godsent(aka Kraken=balanced) I hope it is, I would be fine with it.


I do agree with the rank reset every 1-4 monthly, depends on TRS, but yes a reset after a period of time will not only allow more players to continue playing to level up, but also reshuffle back those players who are stucked in certain rank.

No matter how, reseting the rank has more pros than cons, example hearthstone montly reset, diablo3 / starcraft.

About reseting this coming 1st March, i dont think so.


I wouldnt reset until TU 9.0 is released


Yeah. I’m in the same vein of thought. Wouldn’t like a reset now. However, once 9.0 comes, I wouldn’t be opposed to it. Give me a chance to do my placement matches with a full team as opposed to just 1 friend and 2 randoms.

If 9.0 is supposed to shake up the game as much as they say it is, it would also re-rank people that thought they were good when all they were doing was exploiting and abusing certain mechanics. cough cough buffs cough and whatnot.


All dem Monster players who can only play OP Kraken would all end up in Bronze Expert though…

I fucking love it. Do it. Reset them after 9.0.


and the mighty goliath players would finally ascend to the throne


I doubt it, I play nothing but Goliath and to this day I still get stuck a hundred times per match.
Gotta love a Monster whose skillcurve is defined by how well you can recover from physics bugs and how you cope with Hunters using cheesy kiting around trees.


Yeah all that sucks. Can still get some wins though and at least not feel cheap by using kraken


I do not understand your reasoning. What do you want to achieve or what do you expect to change after resetting ranks but keeping rank algorithm unchanged ? And how can people play “smarter and harder” ? => disconnect from certain matches ? try harder to win as if they were not trying to win earlier ? From this point of view I am against such occassional (single) reset of the ranks.

I am in favor, however, to consider implementing periodical resets. Every month or so. That would make sense - ranks would be up to date and reflecting actual balance of skills of active players. That would also remove strangely looking “champions” hanging high in the ranks with just 10-15 well played matches.


Imagine trying to deal with the infinite bugs of Wraith, knowing you can’t use kraken because he’s a bitch move >.<


I 100% agree. Goliath may have his issues (and I think we could agree, he has a fair few atimes) but at least you feel good about a win with him. Think he’s the most fun for both sides too. :goliath_roar: :heart:



the force is with you hahaha


Hey everyone,

This isn’t a discussion about the monsters, let’s keep on topic.