Map Wars Tournament: THE FINAL ROUND IS HERE!


  • Aviary
  • Fusion Plant

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No brainer. Aviary all the way from these two. With all due respect to the map makers, Fusion plant is one I couldn’t wait to end, probably more so than any other map.


I’d say the same about Aviary tho.


Fusion Plant is probably my all time favorite map.

I would like to add that it isn’t the perfect map. As the hunters you could really cheese the monster at the relay (poor Behemoth) as the monster you also had some select spots that could really hurt the hunters in unfair ways but regardless of its short comings, the design is sweet and its a lot of fun to play on with all the variation in scenery and verticality it offers.

Shooting a sneaky Wraith in the butt with a tranq dart across the canyon in the middle of the map (when you are a good mile out) and highlighting him for the team when he thought he was hiding so well was always a blast to me.


Fusion Plant is the original to me, while not the most balanced or the funnest, it’s part of what Evolve is to me. I remember Fusion Plant like the back of my hand, while other maps are better, the Plant is Evolve.


Fusion Plant is actually one of my least favorites :unamused:


It’s almost like people have like different opinions, man.



I’ll be closing this poll on Christmas Day, it’s still a relatively close matchup. Anyone who hasn’t voted yet be sure to do so!




Love Aviary… Aviary for life. that is all.


Congratulations to Fusion Plant for being the most popular of all Evolve maps! I’ll make a dedication post to that map sometime in the near future. Thanks to everyone who participated. I hope your looking forward to more polls from the Poll King Colonist!:sunglasses: