Map Wars Tournament@ Round 2 November 30th



I’m hosting a mini-tournament poll for you, the players to decide which Legacy Evolve map you desire the most. Please choose based your own personal preference. Which map will come out on top? The semi-finals will be posted next Friday (October 19, 2018).

  • Armory
  • Aviary

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  • Barracks
  • Dam

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  • Distillery
  • Fusion Plant

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  • Medlab
  • Orbital Drill

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  • Refueling Tower
  • Rendering Plant

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  • Weather Control
  • Wraith Trap

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  • Broken Hill Mine
  • Broken Hill Foundry

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Haha, yeah I have to sleep on it. :sleeping: I’m completely split. xD


I refuse to vote on either the mines or foundry


I’m surprised in how many people chose Broken Hill Foundry over Mines. That map was a nightmare for the monster whereas Mines were pretty fun to play. Especially as Gorgon for some sneaky sneaky pounce grab or as Behemoth as he could more easily traverse the map than than some of the other monsters.

Only viable options on Foundry was Wraith or Goliath. But the closed quarters always made me sweat more than on other maps. Gorgous map though.


A big problem with the evolve maps is that most of them were incredible boring. All of the forest and snow maps were unique and fun to play although not always the most balanced.

The problem occurs when the other two types of map looked the exact same. The acid and desert type maps had no difference aesthetic wise.

I think it really shows here too. The maps with that type of aesthetic are doing poorly compared to the snow and ice maps.


That is how I feel about Aviary… I love that map and its circular intertwined design and the snow room sections add just the right amount of snowfall.

Plus it was my Behemoth Training grounds.


and usually the quickest if Bob’s hanging around them :grin:


I liked to call it my Trap Spider technique whenever I stayed near those hallways.


Oohh I dig this thread.

I gotta say my favorite map of all time was the refueling tower. Those dense jungle forests with the rain and rivers and lightning were simply magical!


Mine is Fusion Plant with its multiple sections and points of interrests. The dense forest, the fusion plant itself (aka relay), the rocky area between the two, the crashed ship and the exterior areas of the plant.


The three original maps shown were really well designed honestly, I just think everything kinda went downhill from there.


I liked that map, but I think I enjoyed Aviary the most- when it wasn’t against Behemoth.

Other maps that I strongly liked were:

  • Medlab
  • Fusion Plant
  • Medlab
  • The Dam

I think I dislike all of the S2 maps because I played them so much.

Back in Legacy Evolve, before S2, I enjoyed all maps except for Broken Hill Mine. I did enjoy Broken Hill Foundry but I only liked playing it once every now and then.


Lol, ok? Guess people just hurl insults around here now?

Thank you for being rude.


Insults? Nah. Rude? Perhaps.


No you insulted me, you said a negative thing towards me, that although may or not be true, I’ve never played or have ever seen you in my old streams.

And rude, yes, in fact as a longish time forum member (since evolve) I see it all the time in your posts.

As a long time house watcher, your profile pic and attitude seem to try and match that of our good friend Mr. Gregory House.

So please, I feel that I don’t think I’ve ever personally or even accidentally insulted, or really tried to enter a conversation your apart of that much, as I come here to escape the other forums and how people behave there.

Just leave me out of it, is all I’m asking, please, and thank you.


Just posting this as a reminder that the Map Wars quarterfinals will be posted Friday November 30th.


I would like to say some of the later maps. The Blood Mines were pretty neat. Brokenhill I think… and its counterpart.

oh then there was that arena map version with the death pit.


Quite disappointed with Distillery losing to Fusion Plant :unamused: