Map Variant Idea Thread


I know I’m not the only person who’s tried thinking of their own, so let’s share our ideas here! It could be a multiplayer hunt map like Cataclysm, a campaign co-op mission like Deepest Dark, or anything in between!


#Into The Abyss

Type: Co-Op Campaign

Map: The Dam (Legacy)

Monsters: S1 Krakens (Kraklings), S2 Krakens (Sentinels)

Boss: S3 Elder Kraken named, The Elder God

Description: The monsters have finally succeeded in destroying the Dam, releasing millions of gallons of water into the surrounding area. The hunters soon discover that, beneath the waters surface, dozens of Kraken eggs gestate, waiting to hatch. Led by the eldest of Krakens, the Elder God, they seek to spread their maelstrom of hate across the planet, and soon, the universe.

Fight against the Elder God and his legions of Kraklings as you retake what remains of the Dam, and finish off this scourge once and for all.

Layout: The Dam looks fairly similar aside from the fact that the majority of the map is covered in deep water. Several Leviathan corpses can be found strewn about the few patches of dry land, and a couple Tyrants lurk around their new stomping grounds. Under the water are Kraken eggs which, when hunters pass over them, they hatch. When an egg hatches, the S1 Krakling inside bursts out of the water and attacks the hunters. When you finally reach the relay, two elite skin S2 Kraken attack. After defeating them, the Elder God will burst up from the water, which you must fight.

#Statistics of Enemies

Kraklings: S1 baby Krakens, each has 1600 health. The only ability they know is Vortex, and they stay in the air the entire time they are alive. They never drop to the ground.

Kraken Sentinels: Two S2 Krakens appear as a mini boss fight towards the end. Each has 45000 health, and they wear elite skins. One will stick to the ground the entire time, whilst the other flies. The grounded one can use Aftershock and Vortex. The flying one can use Lightning Strike and Banshee Mines. The flying Kraken also will never touch the ground.

Elder God: The Elder God is a S3 Elder Kraken with an orange and white skin on, almost a combination of it’s default and elite skin. The Elder God can stay in the air constantly, never touching the ground. It will also only fight from a distance, never growing too close to the Hunter team. The Elder God has the same amount of health as a regular Elder Kraken, but no armor. The Elder God has three points in Death Spiral, Lightning Strike, and Banshee Missile, but can not use Chain Lightning. To make up for this, the Elder God can use red Kraken air melees.


yeah, something like a story mode slot. it was annoying to wait for the right map to show up.
beside the cataclysm challenge at least it work on every map but this only work on the darkest night.
beside that i thought it was okay not great nor bad just between.

it has a great atmosphere in deepest dark but i felt that when they said you going to be attack by infected wildlife i thought that we would facing infected sloths that would be brute force or having the lower wild life becoming living bombs that spew acid upon reaching you. but instead it was just angry mammothbirds and reavers who became sonic the bloody hedgehog. i was slightly disappointed by difficulty was a bit to easy but that is just my thought. they could improve by having mini gorgons be more durable in survival then just turning them into mash potatoes.

also it would be cool if gorgon queen could try to regaining it health by devouring her own children and you have to shoot much more to make her to stop eating. perhaps having her acid spew pool remaining longer so the hunter has to relocate new positions. also causing the eggs to hatch faster at the end of the fight so you have to look out for horde of mini gorgons and bloody queen.

what do you guys think?


I’d like to see stuff that fits in with the maps, but say they are ruined from the monsters, like say if dam was actually flooded (terrible balancing issues but still) or broken hill mine has cave-ins or earthquakes that change the map over time, if these maps return of course


I don’t like the idea of co-op maps unless we get a fully fleshed out story mode with cutscenes. The Deepest Dark seemed to be a sort of test into this, and it was cool once, but only once. I wish it wasn’t so much of a guided expirience though, it needs to be open. Like @Matthew said, players don’t want to be railroaded, and I felt like that with this. There should be a story and choices. Don’t force me to go in one direction though.