Map Suggestion Thread


Post here your map ideas for Evolve! It can be anything from a simple idea to a full map with drawings and lore! Anything is open as long as it is on Shear.
Let the ideas flow!


I want a Ship dock
I need it.


I’d like to see a mountainous map with lots of hills and cliffs. And a bunch of trees too.


Strider Park
A wildlife park to make a safe place for striders and for research.
Map Layout
The map has 3 main areas, with the map looking like 3 circles combined. The lower circle is a small village that acts like housing for guests and the scientists. The village is the starting area for the map and there are several bodies around. The buildings are rather tall so they can block line of sight The village is surrounded by trees that look like redwoods but more alien. In the village there are spotters, an Armadon, and a new wildlife I call the Arlin. In the top left part of the map there is a big lake that forces hunters to swim and monster to slow down (when walking). The lake can spawn a tyrant near the shore, Marsh striders are very common in the surrounding area, spotters favor this area, and Basking Cephaladons live near the water. There are again, lots of redwood like trees. The top right circle is a dense forest area that has several dozen trees. Some are big and some are huge. Mammoth birds, blitz leopards, and sloths spawn in this area. In the very middle of the map there is a Mega Strider that lives in a special made cage to protect it from the other wildlife.
With all of the tall trees there is a lot of dark area of the map, especially in the top right section and the outer part of the map. It Is very light in areas like the lake and village, so be aware of that when trying to sneak.
Arlins are 2 meat animals that resemble pangolins. They are heavily armored and hard to kill. They are slow and docile, not hurting their attackers, but instead they try to run.
Evac Effects
If the monster wins on this map, then the Mega Striders is killed and the monster starts with half armor next match.
The hunters attract nearby striders and limit the amount of food the monster has to eat. (god help you if you are on Foundry)
To help show what the map looks like, here are some pictures.
The ablin looks something like this.

The general feel for the map is this.

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I want the tutorial map to be our dock map. It has the potential.


Starting with half armor isn’t really that helpful. Food is pretty abundant and it doesn’t take terribly long to get armor, especially with Wraith. As for the less food perk, the sunshine effect already does that I think.


It makes predators disappear. This would make striders leave, the more common food source.
Also starting with half armor means you can take on mammoth birds without losing health and you get full armor faster.


You could also look for lone mammoth birds and then pounce them. And while you do get armor faster, you’ll get armor anyway when you eat food to evolve. And when you do evolve, you lose the, so it’s not much of an advantage.


Anyone have some map ideas? I would love to see them!


Would pixel art be accepted ?


Here is one that I posted recently called Glacier Bay. An ice biome map that has a Mammoth Bird colony in it on a cliff face, much like penguins, gannets and other seabirds have. The rock can be volcanic in origin and there can be a large amount of shadows interspersed with light due to the bright starlight. Lots of caves and small rock outcrops also help to break up the monster’s outline and make direct line of sight more difficult.


I see it changed, there should be obsidian grub colonies that crawl in and out of holles in the cliffs


I thought the obsidian grubs could dwell in the crystal caves below and occasionally wander out across the beach area while the Mammoth birds were up on the cliffs outside. :smile:

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Just imagine large groupings of Mammoth Bird tentacles in the shadows of the cliffs. From a distance it would be a little like tiny strips of light against the dark rockface - mythological Sirens beckoning sailors/hunters to their doom.

(cue dramatic music here) :wink:

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How about a ship thats transporting wildlife out of Shear. The monster could have snuck on the ship, or could have been in a cage and broke out. This map would have a lot of different levels, and big areas filled with animal cages and cargo crates. There could possibly be a way to smash some of the windows on it, which would be able to suck either the monsters or hunters out of the ship if they dont run in the other direction before the emergency system comes on and locks the window with metal doors that come down and shut them. If you get sucked out, you die, but it would be easy to avoid if you run the other way.

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Sea-Lab Cages

An Arena Map set in a research base studying shear sea life, that has been reporpoised for Researching the Monsters. Live Specimens have broken out, and the Hunters are here to contain the situation.

The Drainage Pipes: Mostly Horizontal Arena focused around a series of drainage pipes, that periodically release water that knocks back hunters and monsters alike. Striders spawn around the arena and 2 inaccessible caves will periodically spawn Phantoms. Set outside in a thunderstorm.

The Autopsy Room: A Lab, with a centerpiece being a room with a Kraken and a Goliath under autopsy. This room links to a series of Warehouses which contain Cages with Armadons and Mammoth birds, as well as Crates of Fish.

The Observation Decks: A room with a Large glass wall, looking out at a reef. The Arena varies between tightly enclosed tunnels with Fish Crates and Wildlife Cages, to large open areas with minimal cover and several elevated rails.

The Tram Station: Two tram stations with a Train moving from Station to Station. The Tram passes a tunnel showing the Reef again. Leading out of the station are two bridges overlooking a Canyon environment, with Striders and Canyon Eels

The Submersible Docks: A Vertical Arena set in the facility for maintaining and deploying Submarines.

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Arena Mode Map Ideas

I was under the impression it was a boat, I’d prefer a boat reck that way you could acces the different levels easier


An aircraft carrier would be cool too. Lots of open areas.

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I like the idea of a smugglers cargo ship, illegally capturing a monster to sell to the highest bidder and it gets loose on board. I can definitely see this as a viable explanation for a ship interior map. Having said that though, I don’t think the ‘sucked out into vacuum’ idea would work as well as it sounds on paper.

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Being on an airplane would be really hard to explain