Map should have Sectors


In my opinion, it would be way easier to communicate with the team (as far as your teammates are random people that you don’t know) if you had sectors on the minimap. For example I see many pings that lead me nowhere actually, I often see the birds and someone who says the monster went right or left…

If you had sectors like sector A, B and C you could say I spotted him in sector A, he was running to sector B.



The use of compass baring and talking solves all confusion, a four split sector though is a reasonable idea as a lot of public players fear any manor or voice comms.


Not a fan of those names in the evolve hype pictures I mean theres a section called upper in what is almost the most southernly point of the orbital drill map - huge waste of time


Because it’s the high part of the map lol.


:slight_smile: great and when your team mates run north because they, fairly, misunderstand the call upper to mean North on a 2D map instead of the intended description of a small elevated section in the south you’ll never find that annoying… lol


Well then don’t use them lol… OP asked I gave it too him… christ… acting like I’m forcing you to use them lol.


lol lol lol…

I was just commenting on how the callouts that are in your link are not clear or intuitive and as a result could be counter productive.

I like the suggestion given at the head of this topic by dead right calling for four divided sections. Just voicing that opinion for any devs reading this “feedback” thread as its amazing how in game the amount of people get confused by compass bearings (something I find mind boggling) and no one can patch stupidity.

Sorry that you misconstrued the meaning of this conversation, I’m under no illusion of being forced into anything, thanks for posting the link.


@Runner a lot of the names (like upper and lower) are from games like Counter Strike and Call of Duty that have no relation to map location. If you have any suggestions on what I should potentially rename them, I’d appreciate it. HOWEVER, a lot of players are already using the callouts. @MeTheBigShow Thanks for spreading the good word dude.


Cuz I think they are fucking cool! Lol. A few names I would change myself probably because I’ve already thought of something else but I like a lot of them.

Like for example on The Dam I already call the plateau the feeding grounds because there’s always so much food up there :slight_smile:


And thats totally fine! The whole premise was to inspire the community to be competitive and utilize team work to cultivate their own location names!


And this is what I figured. This is kind of the jumping off point right?


You sir, are correct.


@SABRqq the difference with COD and CSS call outs is that the maps are extremely linear in comparison to evolve. In every round you arive basically at one of three choke points - as well as half the maps having a or b bomb sites. Upper or lower B for example, short A - theres limited variables for how you arrive at each lane.

The huge difference to evolve is there is no linear path. There are trends due to where food tends to be but its very different.

Sorry if I appeared negative, as a whole the callouts are a good idea and for example I can see myself using the term ghost town for orbital drill as well as other examples over time. But I do think that the naming of areas needs reflection for your idea to work effectively. Personally I would simplify the amount of callouts per map there are to many imo, you can call the monster is between to callouts, you don’t need another in between. But thats ok I guess people learn over time, main point is any directional/height/compass based names apply only to their global positioning on the map aka no upper/north name sakes in the south of the map.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile: my frustration is based solely at people who are silent in game and appear not to understand compass calls.