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First off, I want to say if this title was free to play it would not have caught my eye.So thank you, I’m a lover of games that really reward you for playing with skill and this game definitely does reward you for skill. I want to pay due respect to the founders that didn’t give up on this game and I want to thank Turtle Rock Studios for listening to the people who kept this project alive, many people were upset at the 3000 key founder give out and seeing that 27,000 keys given to the founders made me happy I listened to the positive reviews on steam. Shot out to all of you who gave positive reviews.

Only having played for what seems like a a couple of hours, I can’t explain to you how silly i feel giving a suggestion.

From what I’ve read on the forums, a good hunting team will catch a monster stage one and stay on it. Which is probably the most make or break point of the game. Were the hunters able to track the monster?

If a monster gets stage 2, it has the potential to wipe a team, but a good team will have, at the most, strikes and will maybe knock off at least a quarter if not a third of its hp depending on the monster.
Was the monster able to land their abilities and focus the correct targets? Did the hunters use their abilities and jet pack efficiently?

And stage 3 sways with how much hp the monster has and how many hunters have 2 strikes. Very much in the monsters favor unless the monster has 35% hp or less I would say.

I’m coming from the monsters perspective on this one, and like the title says, its about Map shape.

People tell me to spam planet scanner when I’m trapper, and that’s disappointing because that’s the best way to use it. Good teams will use the TAB map and the planet scanner in unison to efficiently trap the monster or cut it off and as of right now trying to sneak by seasoned trappers isn’t impossible, its just not rewarding. And with all of the knew jet pack recharge rate perks coming out, the ability for any hunter to deploy the dome, and the low cooldown time of the planet tracker even if I am able to get myself and the hunters going in opposite directions with all the aforementioned they’ll be hot on my trail still. Not because planet scanner op, but because the map shapes are too easy to read.

My suggestions are this

1.) Increase the effectiveness of the trappers personal tracking abilities
2.) Make the maps more circular
3.) Decrease the health and armor for all stage 3 monsters, but grant them some type of offensive boon

Making the maps more circular is my main suggestion, which I think will benefit the game in thee ways. For which I will use this example to help me help you picture what what is in my head and will help me tie in the first and third points i suggested.

Take Wraith Trap and imagine that instead of its polygon shape it is, more or less, a circle. Both the hunters and monsters spawning like they do now in the game. I know whatever class I’m playing I’m always looking out of the dropship to try and spot the monster, especially monsters with particle effects on their back.

Imagine seeing the monster in the middle of this circular map, you’re at the south pole. This is the info you have as a trapper, the monster is in the middle and you are at the south pole. You use the planet scanner, and it tells you what you already know, that the monster is somewhere in front of you. I think this change would put the emphasis on knowing when you, personally, as a trapper need to use the planet scanner instead of spamming it whenever it is up and would deeply encourage sticking together as a group. I think it would turn the trapper into a more active position than what it is right now, and if you buff every trappers cc to be more potent(not easier to hit/use), it would make hitting a dome on a monster so much more rewarding. And at the end of the day, I think that’s what we really all want is for the trapper to more active BEFORE you catch the monster.

The benefits are

1.) Trapper has an active roll
2.) From what i’ve read tracks were the main way to track a monster, this could bring importance back to that mechanic.
**3.)**Balances the first and third stage so its not an end-all-be-all at stages 1 and 3 for both monster and hunter. Stage one relies on who is the better cat and who is the better mouse instead of who has the better perks. And stage 3 so the monster is necessarily harder to kill, its just a whole lot deadlier.

||||||| Tl;Dr ||||||| Make maps more circular, make the trapper more active in its tracking, reward different monsters in different ways other than just health for getting to stage 3. Keep the 7 points though, that stuffs cool.

Problems I foresee with this,
1.) Teams that are new and inexperienced are going to have a hard time tracking the monster, but teams that have good communication, I think, will enjoy the challenge. Maybe ranked is where these changes should/could/would go?
2.) With the way things are set right now, if the maps were made into a circular shape 95% of monsters would be getting to stage 3. So instead of saying we shouldn’t do that(i.e make the maps circular) I want to ask
"What can we do to the monsters to make them less unkillable at stage 3 but still reward them?"
"What reward can we give to the hunters for doming the monster that is a hindrance to stage 1 and 2 that has the potential to be ignored or is negligible at stage 3?"

How the paradigm shifts from being the hunter to being hunted is amazing and I love that feeling both as a hunter and a monster and I don’t want that to go away. I think there are changes that could happen to make both sides feel like planning and cunning have more to do with outwitting each rather than just spamming traversals and planet scanners.

Let me get what you guys think would/should/could happen if the maps turned more circular. In their shape only! I love the terrain on all the maps and the unique elements they bring.


If a moderator could remove this post that would be fantastic as I feel this belongs in general and not suggestions.


Those seem to contradict.

Also I disagree with your 1 & 2 suggestions. Having a variety of map shapes allows for different types of encounters. Trappers are fine at tracking as long as you use some common sense / tactics. (Splitting up and trying to cut off the monster are options!)

As for 3 I feel balance is something that will gradually evolve to something that feels right and time will fix that. This is still technically a beta.


First off, thank you for replying, however I fail to see your reasons as too

1.) Why do my suggestions contradict each other? Which ones do this?
2.) How will the shape of the map change the encounters within the map if the terrain for each specific map is the same/similar to what it is now?

The suggestion for trapper buffs was to counter act the reduced effect of planet scanner and the way it works inside a theoreticaly circular map. As of now that’s something I agree with you on, so I don’t understand why you said trappers are fine at tracking. I actually think many trappers with just planet scan and the TAB map can find the monster splendidly, I think this is a problem. Do you?


You misunderstood.

You say you have a list of SUGGESTIONS.
Then say it doesn’t belong under SUGGESTIONS.

That is the contradiction.

Wraith Trap is roughly an asterisk shape / 6 point star.
Following the perimeter allows you to cut angles every time the border goes in towards the center.

Orbital Drill has long straight borders on most sides. It is harder to corner a monster in one of these sections because he has more ways out. (Assuming Dome is on cooldown.)

I agree that the current implementation of planet scanner does not feel right, I just don’t believe your suggestion is the solution they should use.