Map Selection and Lobby Control

I was wondering if the lobby we get in the beta is the final version… Is there any incoming option to select the map, or vote it?
Also, anything new about the “rematch” option?

Another question is about lobby control: Is there a lobby leader and can it be in any team?

Good questions, I will see if I can get answers for you.


Any news on that topic? :smiley:

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I hate map voting. Hate it. You end up paying the same 3 maps over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.

Please, I beg you…no. Just no.

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I’m pretty sure in the beta you could vote to skip a singular map, but not again on the next one. I believe, I can’t be certain about that since I was always unfamiliar with which maps I preferred so I did not bother to vote to skip.

Please… no vote map, this is just crap…

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Map voting would be okay as long as it doesn’t repeat a previously played map (like you cant vote for one of the three recent maps) or something. however, i would just look into the randomization and add something like that into it more because i usually only see the same 2-3 maps anyway (aviary, rendering plant are the most common for me)

however, i would like any updates on the rematch option (each player who votes YES for a rematch is place in a new lobby together and the empty slots are randomly filled as normal)

@Harry_Ellis What kind of lobby control do you mean? would that just be a custom game or party at that time

EDIT: just realized this is a 7month old thread…lol.

Yup, It’s quite old. Don’t expect an answer from Harry_Ellis any time soon either. He’s suspended until May 14, 2115.

Im now curious why.

but thanks. lolz.