Map Select Rotation


PC user. I find that the vast majority of the time my maps are on Orbital Drill and Rendering Plant. I would say those two maps alone make up at least 50% of my monster play experience. I can almost guarantee that out of 10 games, 5 or 6 will definitely be those two maps. I almost never get Distillery or The Dam (would have to play more than 10 games to see one of those). Every once in a while I will get Wraith Trap, Broken Hill, and Aviary. I don’t know if it’s just me having bad map luck or if there is a legitimate percentage for map rotation favoring the Rendering Plant and Orbital Drill. I’d really like to see all maps rotated equally…and maybe they indeed are but I’m just unlucky. It’s gotten to the point I can say “Orbital Drill” or “Rendering Plant” before the map reveal and be correct…a LOT.

Anybody else having this issue?

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I wish I had that issue. I get the Broken maps over and over again and I hate them so much.


I seem to get all the small maps every time.


It’s a combination of cognitive blind spots we humans share. One, we have a terrible sense of the actual way probabilities work; it is literally unintuitive to most of us. Two, every time that map we hate comes up yet again that makes a stronger impression on us then the maps we like or have neutral feelings toward; our memory of the actual rotation is flawed.

Just like it’s entirely possible to flip a coin and turn up heads 10 times in a row (according to the laws of probability an infinite string of heads is possible) it’s possible for you to get Orbital Drill and Rendering plant a lot. Which since you hate you’ll remember it as always being those maps.

If you kept a journal of maps you’ve played you’d see it’s not as bad as you think, even if you did have an annoying run of encountering them more often than a strictly uniform rotation.



I actually enjoy the Orbital Drill map and I’m 50/50 on Rendering Plant now since I’ve REALLY gotten to know it…but I admit it was not a favorite for me, though I would not go so far as to say I HATE any map. I do enjoy all of the maps…it’s just that I like to pick and choose my skins based on the maps, and I find myself using a lot of the same skins because of these two desert themes coming up…and been finding it really odd they pop up so much to me. But I like your idea of keeping a log about it so I may just do that.


I just feel most maps are really crowded.


I never get my favorite maps in MM, Armory, Fusion Plant, etc.


I’m one of around 6 people on the planet who loves Foundry to death, my favorite map by far, but I think I get a match on it around once in every 100. It’s depressing as fuck to see armory pop up for the fourth time in a night when I haven’t played my favorite map for at least 2 weeks. It would be nice to be able to set some preferences so you’re more likely to get put on maps you actually enjoy - nothing concrete like a blackball system, just a little prayer to RNGsus.

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Is Evolve sentient and sadistic or something?


I think it must be

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I feel like matchmaking could have a map preferences option in it somewhere, where you could pick the maps you like best. Then when it was picking the map it would pick one favorite map for each Hunter and 4 (different) ones for the monster and put another ball in the proverbial bingo hopper for each of those maps. That way it’s a bit more likely to pick a map at least one player likes, and far more likely to pick one lots of the players like.


Whenever I face a premade I tend to get the maps I hate the most (I.E. the small ones) like Distillery… Then when I face teams I know I can beat I get the maps I wish I had against the premades… ;-;


I have played Refueling tower 4 times in a row in Hunt, and it was raining every time. The odds of that happening randomly are very low. It could be an issue on the server side, and don’t forget the Devs can change server settings to experiment, and gather more data. At least some of the time it is probably coincidence.