Map Rotation Bugs


My teams keep getting the same map over and over after we play our first map.
Example yesterday we were playing ranked yesterday 3pm central time on the PS4 and we got The Dam 5 times in a row.

A couple days before we had gotten Broken Hill Foundry 4 times in a row.

Map rotation hunter monster

Do you have video?


I remember this happening a while ago. I can’t recall if I have seen it recently.


Its on my stream

I believe it is the first past broadcast.


This seems to be going around. The map selection is wonky lately.


Yes, I saw that thread. The difference between that thread and my thread is that he is talking about the first map you get when you start.
Im talking about the first map you get is continuously being picked over again. :wink:


Hence why I haven’t merged :wink:




Come to think about it it almost feels like I’ve been playing Medlab 24/7.


Always the same maps that keep on coming up… ^^


Sometimes random generation can get the same results many times in a row (imagine flipping a coin and getting heads several times in a row) its still random, but because it is truly random, patterns can show up. I’m not saying that this is whats happening, but it is a possibility. Perhaps if this is the reason, the solution could be to keep track of the last 2 or 3 games played in the session and just not add those maps to the list that the random map is picked from.


So I’m monster and get on a broken hill map, and then switch to hunter and map picks broken hill. Goes from weather control to a broken hill map then broken hill map, then the dam then broken hill. I love it! So everyone’s day so far?


This should get moved to the Broken Hill Vent Thread…


I wish I had the dam 5 times in a row!!! All I get it broken hill maps! The worst maps on here.


It may be because it’s fairly rare to play against the same people again thus it’s hard to keep it more random for both sides all the time.