Map question for TRS


So as many people on the forums know there are four maps currently playable I’m Evolve Season Two, which leads me to my question. Are you guys going to redo all the maps and make them work for the new Evolve or are you just going to do some. Hell, are you doing any old maps at all? Please bring back Barracks and Aviary. Those were my two favorite maps


They said they will bring back maps when they are redone and balanced. I’d love to see the new Aviary and Dam


Sounds good! Maybe if they see this post they’ll tease which map is coming next :grin:


I made a poll and the 3 most popular maps of the community were Fusion plant, Dam, and Aviary.


I bet one of those three is next. Who knows though


In Beta we wanted to release with our best maps, if you previously played Evolve you know we had a lot of room for improvement when it came to making them fun to traverse and play, less snagging etc… With that said the current maps have had a pass done on them which we believe helps provide a much smoother, fun and balanced experience. But, this is just the tip of iceberg. Expect more as we continue to add to the game, I can’t announce any specifics at the moment. But there is much more to come :smiley:


The new made map for arena

Murder Pits


Is there a chance to make it in Hunt or add it to one of the old maps to make it look bigger??


I really hope that won’t be camping paradise for Rolling turd.


The focus on the initial Beta release was Hunt, we really wanted to nail the mode as its the foundation of Evolve. Once we are confident we have improved the game and people are happy the communities opinions will really reflect where we go. If there is a lot of call for Arena maps and improvements it will for sure become a focus. The community is the core pillar of Evolve, all of the changes made for the initial Beta release are a direct result of feedback, so more feedback on Arena and map requests means more chance of it becoming a priority sooner!