Map Playlist


From my understanding, TRS plans to separate the new Map Variants into a separate Mode outside of “Hunt Mode” at a later date, but I don’t feel this is the best option. We’ve already got 4 modes to choose from (Hunt,Ranked,Co-op,Custom) and introducing another is at best going to lead to more player confusion ( i.e what’s the difference between all these modes) and at worst, cause further splitting of the player base.

A better option is to give the player the option to select which maps they want to play on. Then they won’t have to go back to the main screen, hit play, select a mode and find a game anytime they may feel like playing something aside from whatever maps exist on their favourite mode.

Don’t want to play the variants? Unselect them in your playlist.
Like the variants but really don’t want to play Weather Control? Unselect that map.

It gives greater choice to the player, is less confusing and is simpler to hop between the Hunt Maps and variants.
I mocked up an image of how this might work to help explain what I mean =)


It might cause some maps to completely die. People will choose maps that others would play most because they want the best matching. I know that’s what I would do. As the time goes by, there will be unofficial ‘popular maps’ and ‘unpopular maps’. Even though I don’t enjoy variants, I don’t want them gone because I know that there are some people who actually enjoy playing it. Also, there aren’t much modes available yet, so adding one more mode won’t cause any problem imo. It’s just like hunt and rank we currently have.


Although your concern is valid, we already have the option to skip a map we don’t like. Cataclsym is often skipped for example. You can also back out of the lobby to avoid a map you dislike. The options already exist, this system would just make it less of a hastle and reduce the lobby dodging (in addition to the other benefits mentioned).

Ultimately, if a map is so unpopular as to completely die, then it’s a bad map, and should be reworked by the development team to make it playable. They can bring in some event to push players back to it after it’s been updated.

As for worrying about the variants dying? My proposal makes that less likely. Players who enjoy both Hunt and the varients don’t have to leave “Hunt Mode” to go to “Variant Mode”. They’re essentially in both player pools at once… rather than split between the 2 modes.