Map overpowered broken


1st of all TRS I love you your amazing and I hate to say this to you because you do so much great work. but what the fuck we’re you thinking with this broken shit of a map I have beaten DD’s hunter team in a tourney 2 weeks ago, yes it was with subs, but still it show I know what I’m on about

I get rekt by pubs on this map the problem is if a hunter gets full movement that’s it game over you cant eat anything which means you can’t even get the perks which is the whole point of this mode so hunters get perks and monster cant get shit. I know I’m not the best monster in the world but I think fresh, dean and source would even lose on this map vs anyone over 100 hours or so who kinda knew what they were doing

it needs massive changes and I mean an entire rework or it needs to go. the perks for hunters need to be nerfed the way the monster gets perks need to be changed the way the perks spawn needs to change, as you get to the bottom of the map and to get the perks you then have to run to the hunters so you are basically offering your self to them then you get screwed.

its not even fun to play I see that map now and I just leave because one hunter could beat a monster solo no team required it’s bull shit it gets rid of the whole “team work” side of it.

again sorry TRS I Love you but this is the worst thing you have done to the game. you screwed this up more then Bob or Kala


Yeah is terrible. Still fun.


Well, Overpowered is practically an entire new game. Some, if not most, of the generic strategies, and even some Monsters, really won’t work as we expect it to.

Grounder set is important on this map exactly due to the Hunter’s movement buffs. You need to have some flexibility when it comes to picking up the buffs, as you’ll likely need to adapt against the Hunter’s perks if the match lasts longer than Stage 1 or 2.

I definitively cant recommend Behemoth on this map, as most elite hunter perks will nullify his tongue grab and waste some of its other abilities.

I believe the best strategy as a Monster is try and get as many perks as you can before the Hunters arrive and fight them before they can get many themselves. This way, even on Stage 1 you’ll be at an advantage. You can get 4 or 5 perks depending on how many perks the Hunters went after. and by the time you are ready they should have 1 or 2 perks maximum.

Choosing map locations to fight in becomes even more important than before… Especially if you are a slumbering Monster such as Behemoth or you have a hard time at hitting your abilities.
If there’s a Cabot on their team, forget defense buffs, they will be nullified completely.

There’s nothing wrong with the concept of the map, it’s truly an amazing kind of game, it just needs to get separated from the regular Hunt queue and it needs some adjustments, for sure.


Congrats on the presentation of your post that is going to just make TRS be like

Really though, I think your points are probably in general spot on. Many people are saying it, the devs have said they’re looking at things like spawn locations and times :slight_smile: