Map Interaction


As I have not had an opportunity to play ANY of the game so far I can’t comment too much on this subject. However, I do believe when playing any game of this sort Map Interaction can aid the lifespan of the game, especially in MP mode.

What are your current thoughts on Map Interaction or lack thereof?

IMO, if you had a more interactive map it could sustain the game for longer and provide both Hunters and Monsters more food for thought when strategising. This could include tunnels with large doors that Monsters and Hunters were able to open. Maybe inside livestock would be located in cages, but even though it’s an easy source of food cameras would see the Monsters movement and relay that image back to a Hunter via utilisation of a perk? Monsters hunt and have massive amounts of strength, so why aren’t they able to possibly knock/smash down certain parts of the environment. If Goliath is able to pick up rocks why can’t maybe the new Behemoth knock down trees or smash through certain foliage/rock walls?

Remember, I haven’t played the game so maybe some of the above is already possible but I’m just not aware.

Anyway, just some food for though


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