Map Ideas!


here is a thread people can post map ideas make sure to specify if defense or regular map and the map effects for each side for evacuation maybe we can help turtlerock with the maps here are a few map ideas i had for example.

Name: Biodome
Biome type: acid/forest/desert/arctic
Description: similar to aviary that there are separated biomes but it is a large circular map that has a seperate section for each biome that includes wildlife specific to each one. in the middle is the headquarters of the biome which is mostly hallways with crates that are broken open either by the wildlife contained in them or the monster wanting to nom on the wildlife within. the middle is also where the generator is. it has a few areas that are broken open from the outside by the monsters that allows access to the desert exterior.

Importance of map in evacuation: the monster is attacking the biodome and the animal containment is failing if the monsters succeed many dangerous wildlife will be a threat to the nearby city.
monster wins: predators are released and will kill wildlife causing carrion birds to come down upon predators like tyrants or megamouths throwing the hunters off and luring them into dangerous locations.
Hunters win: trained animals are released to aid the hunters spotting the monster and predators will be passive to the hunters.

Map: The wall.
Biome: Forest
Gamemode: hunt/rescue/nest
Description: a large map dominated by a large wall far to the north of the map which houses the generator. the outside of the wall is mostly wilderness with a few ebonstar watchposts that were destroyed by monster attacks. there is a large lake near the middle of the map.

Importance of the map: the wall’s defenses are not yet complete and the construction drones need time to finish them.
Monster wins: the wall is destroyed and chemical clouds (think fusion reactor clouds) from the destroyed construction resources that boost the traversal recharge of the monster while it is inside of them
hunters win: the drones now having finished the wall will go around and build slow towers that will slow the monster when it gets near them.

Name: Metropolis
Biome: urban/forest
Description: the middle of the map is a large city with somewhat tall skyscrapers that can be scaled by hunters and monsters, the outskirts of the town cut of immediately to forest and in the distance you can see the other side of the wall.

Importance of map: the city is under attack by monsters and the repulsor towers are offline allowing animals and predators to roam the streets of the city. fight off the monsters to allow the civilians to rebuild the repulsor towers.
Monster wins: repulsor towers are destroyed allowing the monster and the wildlife to feed on the civilians allowing the monster to start with extra evolve bar and armor. also fed wildlife yield extra evolve bar
hunters win: the civilians restore the repulsor towers and they lend their supplies to the effort allowing the dropship to arrive into the fight faster at the beginning and less time for dead hunters to get back into the fight

Name: Starport
Biome: forest
Gamemode: defend

Description: the map is a very vertical map where the first generator is outside of the large tower like landing pad right on the edges of the forest allowing it to be hit from all sides. the second generator is in the middle of the landing pad tower the minions can run up the ramp in the middle or come in through the now opened windows on the sides of the tower. the last generator is at the very top the minions and the monster can either climb up the inside or the outside now that the electric razorwire is now powered off.


Want to come up with map effect ideas as well? ^.^


i did o.o well not for the last one because it is a defend map


I want like volcano’s, hurricanes, earthquakes, landslides, flooding. Maybe I just have a thing for natural disasters. :smile:


ah i see well i have one for you then

Name: Thermal plant
Biome: volcanic
Gamemode: hunt/rescue/nest
Description: has a large facility in the middle that uses thermal power to power nearby structures. the area is very rocky with lava rivers and it has many caverns the glare of the lava makes light colors lighter and darker colors darker. making a low armor monster hide even better than a high armor monster regardless of brush.

importance: the monsters have done something to make the volcano primed to blow fight them off as the scientist work to use the facilities’ safety protocols.
Monster wins: maps with have lava replacing the water or acid which is very dangerous to the hunters but not to the fire resistant monsters.
Hunters win: the scientists save the plant and use underground drones that collapse caves on certain maps making the inaccessible to the monster Or volcanic ash clouds than inhibit monster smell and vision as suggested by shin :smiley:


Or volcanic ash clouds vision/smell. :smile:


hopefully this can be tagged in the usefull links thread because they have one for monsters/hunters/gamemodes but not maps.


anyone else have map ideas?


My idea: Hunt, Nest, Rescue
Name: Treatment Plant
A large man-made chemical treatment facility makes up the middle of the map, with a small settlement surrounding it and a forest surrounds the outskirts of the map. The generator is in the middle of the treatment plant

Map effects
Monster Win: The monster win would be a reference/Easter egg of left for dead: the treatment plant is destroyed, which releases dangerous untreated chemicals into the nearby settlement. This turns the people into crazy zombie-like people that attack the hunters on sight. They also provide 1 meat for the monster when eaten

Hunter Win: The chemicals are successfully treated and refined. These chemicals are very helpful when treated and have similar properties to healing bursts. They are loaded in missiles onto a ship. This ship flies overhead occasionally to drop a healing missile, which restores alot of health.


I really like the wall map idea for hunt.


Wow. I really, really like all of these ideas. Excellent work on these, mate.


Gears of war used to have avalanches ^.^


I really want that urban city map!