Map Ideas Other Than a Jungle? Discuss here!


I heard some great ideas for a few new maps that would be awesome. I know that developing entire new maps and new monsters takes time, but we can dream right?

  1. A snow map with a Yeti type monster. This just screams awesome.
  2. A mountainous map?
  3. A rocky/desert map with a scorpion type monster.
  4. I’ve heard this suggestion before, but a water map would be crazy. Not sure how hunters could stand being under water but it would be fun.

These are just a few examples that could create some new and unique environments that could be pretty interesting. Anyone else have any ideas?


You nailed most of the big ones I was hoping for. A snow map and a volcanic map would rock. Perhaps an urban one and more rainforests couldn’t hurt. hahaha!


Oh yeah a urban map!! Make a godzilla type monster :slight_smile: Good thinking.

Volcanic would make some interesting environmental challenges.


Would it be too weird to suggest something that seems to be on an alien landscape? You could do pretty much whatever you wanted then.

But I definitely think the one’s suggested already all sound like fun.


Would a labyrinth do any good?


It might be too easy for the monster to get away and sneak/hide. But who knows!


This forum has already been done and we already have put up very similar ideas to all these. Ice caves was one and there was even concept art of an ice map. just type map ideas in the search bar


Bro what if you pick a monster on a snow map it changes to article skin. Or kraken


Anyway, all monsters will be playable on all maps !.. ^^


Here’s a good a idea for a yeti monster for the snow map,

Give Goliath a Yeti skin lol


Yeah I thought about all these suggestions about re-skinning the already existing monsters after I had made the post. It would be a good idea to sort of blend the monsters into the new environments like they were “adapting” to the areas. Rather than making entirely new monsters.


A map comprised of Ice. Like as if we were playing on Pluto.


how could a monster just change skin mid-game?


It doesn’t on a dark map or snow Goliath skin changes to blend in


I think a city or town environment would be cool, chase the monster through alleys and torn out buildings and such.


We’re not talking mid game. We were suggesting just for a particular map. Have the skin color be different if you are playing on a map where it needs to blend in more. Like have a grey/whitish skin for the icy map


Flooded Forest, Forest with hills, Swamp, Tundra, Ruin… …Castle, Fortress, Volcano, why not?

Favorite would be forest with hills in daytime. Second would be flooded forest. It’s a forest, raining and covered in shallow water. Hard to track monster and hard to catch wildlife since they’ll mostly be fish. Might just be a wet dream for monster trolling though.

A destructible map where some areas in the map have frozen seas and glacier traps you can break?

I don’t know, just throwing out random ideas


Yessss, LEVOLUTION!!! lol


Haha, nope, that’s taken. It would have to be EVOLEVOLUTION!


So new maps… I am going to have to go with… Forest Ruins :stuck_out_tongue: