Map exploits are ruining games

Map exploits.

This is one of those things that for a normal shooter wouldn’t be that much of an issue because you can just shoot people easily. However in Evolve this is becoming a real pain and is ruining peoples enjoyment.

Now that people have had Evolve in their hands for a month, the exploits really start to surface. These exploits allow hunters to access parts of the map that they should not be able to get to. Either that, or there is a surface that they should not be able to get onto but still can.

I just played a game where I was dominating the hunter team as Goliath on Orbital Drill. Got a few strikes on their team and managed to get to stage 3 without taking any health damage. I came at them and the fight was going alright. But then I realized their Caira was perched on top of the overhang over the main entrance. I’m not sure how she got there, but she did and she wasn’t sliding off like you are supposed to. I took level 3 rock throw and even when I hit her multiple times she wouldn’t budge, and just spammed heal nades while the rest of her team hit me.

Finally I took the time to climb up onto the sky bridge next to the entrance and gave her a level 3 leap strike. I landed it right on the ledge where she was in hopes to knock her down. Nothing. The explosion landed inside the building while I stopped and fell from the ledge. After I realized she couldn’t be moved, I tried to direct my focus to the other team members, but since I was going against Griffin, Markov, and Cabot, it was insanely difficult. Markov would just place mines right under the ledge so if I tried to go for Caira I’d slip and hit them. Cabot was just amping me the whole time so I was taking plenty of damage.

Finally I went for Cabot and managed to get him down, but while I was hitting him, Griffin got on top of the ledge with Caira and would harpoon me if I tried to go anywhere. I couldn’t knock them down with rocks or attacks and they finally ended up killing me. There was literally nothing I could do, no amount of rocks or smashes would ever get them down, and Caira can easily heal them through fire breath.

This crap is frustrating, and makes playing the monster suck when the hunters are just going to camp some place where they can’t die or be reached.

And then of course there is the obvious camping area on the Dam where the hunters can safely hide and even shoot at the monster if he goes for the relay. They can sit up there, avoid all damage and never let the monster win.

I was rather surprised this hasn’t been brought up before, it’s a rather important issue when one team can always secure victory on certain maps.


could have hit the generator and forced them to you. or killed everyone else and then hit the generator

They can just sit outside and shoot me. I can’t force them anywhere when they are on the relay.

Chiming in for the various exploits I’ve seen.

Yes, it’s great you know all about that exploit and it’s oh-so hilarious that you can hide from the monster, but it only ruins the enjoyment of the game and hurts the community.

If you find an exploit along these lines, don’t abuse it at the expense of other players. Be mature about it. Document it, report it, and move on. TRS is aware of plenty of exploits already and the community can help expedite their removal by informing them.

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but they have to get off that perch in order to stop the generator attacks. if both markov and cabot are dead they have to come down.

It has been brought up before actually.

These map glitches are game breaking.

The ones that let hunters hit the monster going for the Gen are basically a (boring) auto-win for hunters.

Not acceptable

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Yes, if everyone was dead then Caira would have to come down and hit me. But they can stay outside and have Caira heal them constantly so even when I barely managed to get Cabot down, I was at 2 bars of health.

ouch. thats a tough one. i know which ledge your talking about too. what i did was isolate a single target with cc. goliath is the best at this. leap strike, charge and melee and try to hit him around the corner so they cant heal. then take them out one at a time until 1 or 2 remained. after assault falls they really have no damage and them sitting up there will not get them closer to winning.