Map Exploit + Broken Leaderboard (PC)

Played against round of hunters today, basically 100% dart rate and jack/hanks shield. they use the structure to exploit monsters size and abilities. Rock throw couldn’t bypass the structure and basically shattered against the fence/metal flooring and with VALs infinite healing rate now thx to the moronic patch, every game is now against Val. any changes for this cuz the massive exploiting in the game is seriously getting annoying from hunters, also haven’t seen any GOLD monsters in Days or weeks.
Gold players with only 10-15 matchs won and never bother to appear in the game again, your ranking system is completely broken and its taking forever to address any type of issue. Why does it take a month or longer to apply a patch for the PC?

Its not uncommon hunters abusing that area in dam especially against Goliath.

Everyone’s using that area in Dam against Goliath.
It’s not necessarily map exploiting, it’s just ridiculous map design.

Note however that attacking the Relay does force (one of) them out of their position rather effectively to shoot you off the Relay, but then Goliath’s clumsy movement kicks in to prevent you from quickly attacking the Hunter before he regroups with the rest at that ridiculous anti-Monster area again.

Also, Cabot. Good luck forcing them towards the Relay when they have Cabot to keep you off of it through the walls.

My friends and I avoid that cuz of that purpose to have a good clean fight but then again all my friends quit this game due to lack of proper quick fixes and updates. See’ing players like these just exploit anything to the side is just annoying and I cant see this game being alive by 2016, the player is finaly diping below 200 players.

Again, it’s not an exploit. In my opinion it’s just bad map design and even that’s purely subjective.

And as much as I agree with you on the playercount, there’s no need to bring it up or the steamcharts link. We’ve all seen enough of those replies on the Steam Forums and there’s even a thread on this forum where you can express your concerns about Evolve’s playerbase.

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Ive been expressing my concerns but things are just being done to slowly and with every update or addition something bricks. example. Jack/Hank/Val in the area makes it impossible to do anything cuz of the double shield basically. I really love this game but I just don’t see anything being done at this rate to be honest.

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Eh… They’re using the terrain effectively… I see nothing wrong with that… It sucks, but try to end it S2… I had a game last night as kraken where hunters did a similar thing in weather control, close to the big round sloth platform close to the relay. Took 3/4 of my near full HP bar before I managed to get them all down (they had a few strikes before engaging too).

All I can say is look for chips in the armour and switch targets quickly to catch people off-guard

Just Goliath Problems and with Val having even more overpowered Tranqs than ever before + Jack you cannot do anything about it.

If a team finds a good kiting location you are basicly done and you are even more done cause theres water that removes your fire damage.

Play Kraken :joy: .


Pretty sure I’m the Hyde in that screenshot.

This is simply where you fight Goliath at the Dam’s relay. The water removes all burning (if Hyde/Caira are being used, it’ll remove theirs as well) and the grating can have non-projectile weapons pass through it. Additionally you cannot Leap Smash under it. It is not an exploit, but it is terrible map design; Dam’s old relay layout was the definition of exploit. Every map has a different location that is best for fighting specific Monsters when it comes to the relay – even if stupidly designed, you have to use what you’re given.

Though you did fight us at Stage 2, you chose to run afterward and stage up on the other side of the map, making the choice to not fight us again or to not cut us off as we went back to the relay (which we didn’t do immediately). Like Wraith, you need to know which maps you should take to the relay’s location versus ending at Stage 2 (or Stage 3 armorless before the Hunters just say “screw it” and head back). Goliath and Behemoth are very impacted by relay layouts while Wraith’s Stage 3 ability growth is lacking. Kraken is the only Monster that can ignore most layouts. Organized teams will study for the best locations to defend the relay from; it is part of the Hunter’s game.

The players on there are just as mindboggled by the system as you. If you get placed into Gold Destroyer out of your 10 placement matches, you’re screwed because matchmaking is going to take ages. Fasio_Vita is a good example. He got placed there for some inexplicable reason and couldn’t find a game, so he had to stick to customs. Eventually he rolled a new account and went through placements again. Guess what? That level 5 account also became Gold Destroyer, so now he has to roll a third account in order to play Hunter in ranked. He even streamed this happening last night with a dev in the party.

It doesn’t answer your question but it’s not like these players are willfully inactive to maintain their place on the leaderboard. Most are unable to find matches.


Or use another build on Dam. Charge is great too

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i dont think this is a map abuse… its just smart fighting in water against meteor goliath in general :slight_smile: no burn dmg.

Not an exploit, just great positioning.

You arnt the hide in the picture and sure as hell didn’t fight you as stage 2 there lol. also you cant have a Terrible map design and at the same time call it a great position for hunters. Can’t have it both ways, its either a bad map design for exploit or great map design for hunters to use structures to negate any form of attack from clunky monsters depending on hunter combo. It baffles me that people are defending bad map designs to call it terrible and great at the same time. Jack was the trapper which made it nearly impossible to move around that structure.

yep, hunters playing like dicks are killing this game

I am 99% sure I am the Hyde in that screenshot. Yesterday was a day off for several people and I played about 30 ranked Hunter games, most of them with Tripa, but very few were on the Dam. Additionally, we fought you multiple times during that session. In the particular Dam game versus you on MG, you got caught outside the caves twice, with one dome mostly mitigated and one dome going in our favor. You staged up to have half your health when attacking the relay. I remember this game in particular because I was looking to see how much my Flamethrower damage was being reduced by not being able to apply its burn.

You can’t call bad map design within legit limitations an exploit. You can call it bad map design – this is what we got after the map balance pass. Old Dam was an exploit. Old Distillery was an exploit. Old Refueling Tower was an exploit. You could get outside of the maps or become invincible to all damage. Those were exploits, and they have all since been fixed.

I am a Monster player first and foremost, and Goliath is my most played. I agree that this part of the relay should be fixed, but you can’t call people exploiters for using the things the developers gave them well within the game’s intentions. Especially if you willfully picked Goliath on the Dam (which has never been a Goliath favored map), and willfully chose to stage up to 3 without initiating any fights prior to the relay.


Try kraken on same position, they will get stomped so hard till the point of no return.

Back to topic, i think TRS will change some of the may layout.