Map Effect Ideas?


Do we have the list of the currents map effect available ?..

I guess there’s something about more harpies/no harpies ?

Also we could have as someone’s said :

  • reduced/improved dropship cooldown
  • random timed indication of monster position


Only daisy is a hunter buddy, the Trapjaw packs attack both monster and hunters.


Yes but, they are considered one species of wildlife that assists the hunters, by preventing the monster from eating.


Yea I guess that makes since. Maybe not a win effect then, maybe just a map effect you can set when setting up the match. Cause it doesnt make sense to have it as a hunter win either since they would attack hunters as well.


Actually, if you do it like the aviary hunter win effect, then it can work, ‘‘trained trapsjaws to serve as dogs were unleashed into the wilds, taking command of packs and increasing the ammount of trapjaws’’


I have a thread here where I’ve been collecting info and Map effects;


According to Matt’s new story in Val it would seem that the monsters actually only recently came to Sheer.


I would like to see something like conveyor belts and elevators that help the hunters traverse the map faster if they win the previous round. Maybe on a Quarry map since they use those to mine.


Teleporter, hunter win map effect from wraith trap.


eh it seems like it would be. but in nest and rescue it would only help prepare for the onslaught. your goal is different in those modes. heading into hunt mode it sounds op as well but a monster would know this and continue moving instead of sneaking. its just like being tracked by abe after the first fight. cant stop


I do believe fog is confirmed


That awkward moment when the straggling Medic gets snatched by a Mega Mouth and a meteor comes down to uh… ‘free’ her hehe

I like that one. Would it alert Hunters to the Monster’s location ala Startled Birds when it attacks? That could be interesting O.o

A couple Ideas I had myself based off the Wraith map:

  • Agent Whiskey Exposure : Monster Win Condition : Occasionally blink from sight for a moment and releases a mini-decoy of the monster that will function exactly as the Wraith’s Decoy does, with the exception that the real monster will reappear at the same time the Decoy appears, and that this decoy does no damage and lasts but a few seconds. This ability only activates in combat (With the Hunters only) after receiving damage and only once every so often. Hunter Counter would be that the Decoy flashes when struck, same as Wraith’s actual Decoy.

  • Agent Whiskey Injections : Hunter Win Condition : When (If) a Hunter is downed by any means, they will immediately teleport a short distance towards a random teammate (Daisy included if she is present). One or two remaining Teammates also have a Decoy-esque copy spawn near their feet as well, to help confuse the monster. These decoys dissipate in a single strike. Hunters can easily tell which copy is the real hunter (Decoys would be bright white visages of the hunter to their eyes, for example). A possible counter for the monster would be if it were to Sniff during the fight, the decoys would colorate to show fake vs real.


Well,meteor shower is confirmed in the manner of raining sattelite parts,and if the monster wins wraith trap rifts open to allow the monster to warp about the map


Yes please, make the low gravity be a thing, with possible additional momentum gained by chaining jetpack boosts, only in custom game though.

I really would like to see this game having some fun integrated mods like in halo or the mutations of L4D.


Finally came up with a Hunter Map effect for the docks.

Paladin Tanks:

These armored Ebonstar vehicles are deployed via the now secured Docks. Paladin tanks have about as much health as the toughest 4-meat and are armed with an Explosive cannon (In Damage and Firing speed, Parnell’s Rocket Launcher) and Two AutoCannons (Deal as much damage as the Gauss SMG)

One is Deployed to the PowerRelay and the other to the wilderness.


How in the 20 ****s is a tank deployed into the dam ?



Paladin Tanks move with 4 legs designed to climb rough structures, so they can be deployed to chasms and mountains.


Bbbbut, then shoulden’t it be Paladin Walkers ?


Technically, These are modified Paladin Tanks. Ebonstar put in an order for 50 Paladin Tanks to be retrofitted with magnetized walker legs for Usage on Shear.

There aren’t enough on shear to effectively combat the monster, and a large portion are destroyed before the hunters make it to shear. There are about 20 left, and they’re a very valuable asset.


Where did u get this info :stuck_out_tongue: ?