Map editor


Since map DLC will be released for free anyway, perhaps the devs should focus next on creating a map editor which includes creature spawn locations and pathing. If the community had direct access to map design, then there would be an explosion of content.

Even better, they could update the editor periodically with options like environmental effects and triggered events.

What do y’all like or not like about map editors in other games, like Halo and Far Cry?


I would love to see map editor creations. However, due to the licensing on the new Cryengine it’s a lot harder than you might think to get products out without legal issues :frowning: I would love to design some maps :smiley:

That being said, one of the editors I liked the most was the old Duke Nukem 3D. You could change things on the fly in first person. One of the first editors that was decent that could do this.


I would love to see them work out the licensing and make it happen, then TRS wouldn’t even need to make maps, they could focus on character DLC :smiley:


If it worked akin to the Far Cry map editors, I’d be game to give it a shot. Not likely to happen, though. Maybe in RE:volve. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not posible unless Crytek approves, and who knows if they will… :crying_cat_face:


I have several map ideas (that I will be posting soon) that I would like to make and show people what I mean.
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