Map Editor, please


One thing i miss in a lot of multiplayer games are the map editors… Remember when people used to make their own custom maps and come up with creative new modes (starcraft)? I think it would be amazing to be able to create custom maps for this game. Does anyone know or have any type of idea of how something like this could come about? I am having a ton of fun with this game and would love to be able to expand on that. They mentioned that maps will be free dlc anyways right? Was just wondering if this is something that would be possible or maybe there are reasons unbeknownst to me that it cant be done (i just play games… i dont make them) anyways thought it would be really cool to play some custom maps made by other users.


they can’t do this because they don’t own the rights to their software. It sucks, and they know it.


So is it 2k that owns the rights? Maybe we could ask them to allow it or something?


Im just trying to figure out what path should be taken to attempt this


wow this is actually a fun idea, would be nice.


The games uses cryengine, so it’s whoever owns that


Well i found a game(s) that was running on CryEngine and they had a SDK for that game (Sorry i dont remember the name of the game)


Would it be possible to mod that SDK or use it for evolve?