Map Design: Colonial Water & Power


For those that are a little clueless, this is the map in the top left corner on evacuation. One of the defend maps.

Can we talk about how unfair this particular map is to monsters? Namely, Goliath and Wraith. Kraken is fine-ish leaning towards op on it, but Goliath and Wraith really struggle here.

So the problem is with generator 2 and the power source. Generator 2 being the bigger offender atm. There is no way to get line of sight on it for your long range abilities. Which wouldn’t be that big of a deal if I could just go in and get out, but I can’t. The hunters will have it trapped up and the turrets will pretty much shred you as many have said in the past. The team I was just up against on this map most recently was Markov, Griffin, Bucket, Lazarus with 4 autobalances to the hunters. So if I go in on the generator, Griffin will do his best to keep me there while bucket’s turrets, defense turrets, Markov’s mines, and laz’s weakpoints shred me fast as hell. There’s no building/cliff high enough to get vision of the defense turrets without being in range of them which means I HAVE to go in and just pray the minions last long enough for me to rock and get ou-Harpoon fall into the pit…well there goes a couple health bars.

I did manage to get that 2nd generator down…and by manage to get it, I mean I was around a bar and a half of health left and by the time I got through the tunnel to the power source I was around 1/4 of a bar of health(hunters behind me). I managed to escape them and back out the tunnel because for some reason there’s never food in the power source area when I’m monster…cuz…reasons. Came back in, dropped down. Immediately gg. The fall down to the source area is so steep that once you’re in there with a griffin player you will not get back out unless he misses 3 times in a row on a big, slow climbing beast moving in a straight line. I can’t even really speak on this area because I’ve never played this map hunter side and that’s the first time I’ve made it that far as the monster. It’s just a deathtrap for Goliath. I’m sure Kraken loves all the air, and I’m sure Wraith can bomb out, but the Goliath is just screwed. I’ve never felt so hindered by the map as the monster before. Which that’s supposed to be a feature of Behemoth not Goliath right? How the hell does Behemoth work on this map? O.o Fall down, better win or die? Oh I know enter the area first and spam blockade wall the entrance so the hunters never get into the area right?

Does anyone share my pain with this map? Anyone have a solution? Or is it just a design problem.

Note: Pick Kraken is not a solution.