Map and Objectives position on screen


@MacMan, Why didn’t you guys put it on the top corners next to the edge of the screen rather than in the middle of it?
That could do it better!


The point is not to be reliant on the map, you should only have it up to check your position/orientation before turning it off again.


That is what I do… Still…


Hahaha then why do you want it moved if you’re just peeking at it?


Because I can still prefere to peek at it at a more logical and confortable position RoaringMountain…


-> I should mostly do what I want since the game allows me to leave it on all the time, and since, well, I should do what I want…


I … wha’ … it … I mean … just … wow.

You’re right – the designers should have spent the last four years thinking about you rather than making choices about their gameplay and interface.


we should be able to move the whole ui
i dont want the partyhealthbars on the bottom i want them on the left upperside as a healer.


You don’t understand much when you read something, right?

I think it’s kinda cute Charon :blush:


Pardon me if I don’t take the criticism of someone who named himself after a coke-sniffing, wheeling & dealing, cowardly douchebag all that seriously. :wink: