Map advantages


Help me out friends!

Where are the best and worst places for the Monster to attack or to get domed. I don’t feel like I know all of the maps very well yet and would appreciate some insight.



Any where with deadly wildlife and some cover.

Tyrants are the best. I have yet to lose a fight around a tyrant lol. Even if he doesn’t get a hunter it means that the hunters are all good and aware of the tyrant but they still can’t move how they want.


Well at least I know this much! I usually try to abduct into a Tyrant if I can to get things going.


Yeah, when a Monster is able to claim some limited high ground and there’s a Tyrant below it is bad news for the Hunters without a doubt. Also, I’d say that caves greatly favor a charging and fire breathing Goliath, it just compacts the Hunters into nice lines. :slight_smile:


Yea, any small space is really not good for the hunters to fight in to be honest. Not as bad with the Kraken but still not great.


So @MAMEiac @MeTheBigShow it’s not really specific places on specific maps but more general guidelines. Correct?


I’d say so, yeah. I don’t play Monster much but between where I’ve matched up against them or as I’ve run by places in maps I’ve made mental notes on where I’d look to force a conflict.


Yea I really can;t think of specific places to be honest. I generally look for a place where I will be able to break line of sight, has a lot of food hanging around, and has at least one deadly monster other than me.


Also comes down to how you play sometimes. In general when I’m in a match my priority, whether Hunter or Monster, is to control the high ground. I like it because my traversal is better as Monster and I can fire breath or slam them away when they try to come up but obviously if I cede the high ground Val or Caira can really help their teams unencumbered or some bastard Maggie like me is setting up traps to screw me over if I go up. Just nothing is easy in this game for anyone. :wink:


Well good, I guess I’m not as inept as I thought.

My general rules are:

Wraith - Places to hide and places to corner.

Kraken - Elevation and room to keep elevated.

Goliath - Room to charge and leap/throw stuff.


I’d say one of the worst places to get domed would be in the rendering plant back in the big open hunting ground that only has one entrance on the right and one on the left. Not many places to hide as Wraith, no real cover, and some nice high ground to take advantage of as a Trapper/ Medic.


Oooh, visual aids! Thanks!


Haha no problem, I try my best. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If you have more, I’ll take em!