Map Adaptations in Custom Mode


It’d be cool if the Map Adaptations could be played in the Custom Mode. To try things out or just have fun with friends (or a friend). This way you don’t have to annoy/disrupt the Gameplay of other people online.


I have been wondering myself why you can’t play map adaptations in custom games.


yep. It shouldn’t be a problem, right? @snowkissed


Its probably because the AI don’t really know what to do with the maps. Forcing one into a game due to a disconnect is a must, but when you up it from 1 to 4, that gets scary


@Nuke, we’re going to look into this! Because of how they’re implemented, we can’t just turn them on in Custom - they need a little love.


Oh ok. I hope they get love soon :slight_smile:



I’ve played them with AI just fine in Hunt on these new variants.