Map Adapation/Variant MEGA-THREAD [New map added for Evolve Stage 2]


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Map variants sounds like a very fun and great idea, adding new elements to maps and gameplay content without having to make new maps from scratch.
The most important thing that any map adaptation should do is make different feeding routes.

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#Rave Trap

#Lightning Tower

#Orbital Generator

#Flooded Distillery

By @Azmi_anuar (I will add more in the future)


When sunny was one of the things i got so happy!

they should sooo make an acidpark somewhere in Orbital Drill!


#Rave Trap

The map is set during the night near pre-dawn where all the geeks come out.
Instead of a Wraith being traped in the center of the map, it is replaced with a giant rotating disco light-ball.


  • Set just before pre-dusk
  • Giant rotating disco light-ball
  • The relays is lowered to the ground, giving it move of a gladiator feel
  • Mammoth birds have glowing bracelets on

Pros and Cons

  • None that I can think of any right now


#Lightning Tower

Refueling Tower holds Krakens instead of Goliaths in the cages, conducting electricity from the tower directly underground where it mets up with the water resevoir. Causing periodic electrical surges all the way down the river, the electrical surge can also be triggered by either monsters or hunters by doing damage to the caged Kraken.


#Flooded Distillery

Due to melting ice-shets some of the lower areas have flooded, causing a population spike amongst the tyrants and interbreeding causes them to have genetic defects like lower health or slower movement in some Tyrants. The Tyrants run rampant arcross the map and have eaten most of the smaller animals on the map.


  • The map is more sunny
  • Has water up near the beach and the lower areas

Pros and cons

  • The tyrants will make it so that hunters have to be more warry of traveling alone
  • Meanwhile the lower spawn rate of prey will make evolving a lot tougher for the monster.


#Orbital Generator

One of the four relays can be randomly selected by the time the monster reaches stage three, allowing for a very unique and different experience every stage three fight.

The look and feel of the map should remain similar I believe.


Glad you liked it.


You’ve got two labeled “Flooded Distillery” when the first one should be “Rave Trap”.


I like “Flooded Distillery” and “Orbital Generator”.

I stand corrected about map adaptations.


  • Refueling Tower doesn’t hold Goliath, that is false information.

  • Rave Trap…


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Like this idea a lot. If they expanded on the defend maps, and used this rotating generator idea, boom 4 new maps for hunt!


The defend maps are on the top of my list for an adaptation, but I doubt if doing so would really add anything more to the mode other than visually different maps.


So excited to hear that they’re doing map adaptations in the future! Collect your ideas.


A map where the only wildlife is mammoth birds, which cover absolutely every square inch of it.


#Irradiated Fusion Plant

Generations after a toxic radiation and chemicals has taken a toll on the wildlife and the forest, while the forest is on it’s path to recovery the same can’t be said for the fauna however which have been largely killed off and those that manage to survive suffer from horrible and disgusting mutations.

  • Features:
  • Slightly different Fauna
  • Certain areas have plants that have toxic gasses that can harm both hunters and monsters if they stay too long near them.

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