Many Hackers recently


Seeing more and more people playing unfairly. luckily this was in quick play so no harm was done, but its still very infuriating. Im hoping to see a possible report system in the game itself in the future or at least a cheat detector or something if its in the realm of possibility.

The main hack ive been seeing is instant reload. Makes it so you can use your equipment indefinitely. Had this happen twice, with Val healing forever and having more than 1 sniper and more than 3 tranq shots; and again with a torvald, constant mortars. both of these were coupled with an aim-bot im sure, because they rarely missed. I dont have any recording software as proof, but i did get a screen shot of the torvald’s name. This was on steam, so maybe he changed it already, but hopefully he’ll get some form of ban for it. Can i get a link for where to report this; to steam, 2K and TRS?
Have you had any experience with hackers or cheaters? It does ruin a lot of the fun of the game, so we need to make sure we get them reported to make the game better for those wanting to play fairly.


I play this game for over 700 hours, both monster and hunters, and in all this playtime I haven’t seen single hacker.
And I think some ppl just overreact to very good players.


Me too.


Same here, saw mayby 2 or 3 hackers in 400 playing hours. One was a Kraken with no cooldowns and another one was maybe 4 days ago, a Kala who took no damage from any abilities or attacks.

Unfortunately, you can’t do much unless you have concrete proof as a player. There is no report function in Evolve either so it is extra difficult.


I think, @Atrinoch, that you can report a player if you follow the instructions here;

You may have to provide some evidence of it though, I remember last time I had to bring my stream up just to catch a teleporty-dude so that I had hard evidence.
Good luck! ;w;


And if so, who says that it is a hack and not a rare bug?
Never seen hackers on ps4 though.


Never seen a single hack

In ps4 or Xbox … incase something happened you report to through their system

In PC I think you can report his steam account through steam

The only hack I’ve seen is in YouTube



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We don’t allow public shaming on the forums, so I remove the video. Feel free to PM the video and other details to MrStrategio. :slight_smile:


I as well have not seen hackers, I’m on ps4 though. I would expect hackers to be more prevalent on pc also. That is not to say that there are none.


I’ve witnessed this same “instant reload” gameplay. Happily, like most people it’s very rare to see and this is only the second time. plus im suspicious it might have even been the same person who simply changed Steam handles.
Unfortunately, i didnt think to look at the individual’s steam profile. (i rarely use the steam overlay stuff.) I did however take the moment to start up OBS and record a good 10min portion of the game, resulting in me running around focusing more on getting footage than actually trying to play.
The video doesnt prove who the accused really is so reporting them is mute at this point. However, if it helps I’d be happy to pass along the video, as it demonstrates pretty clearly what’s going on. I don’t know who or how to do so, and even if it’s worth it because I’ve found older gameplay footage here on the forums already depicting the same “hack”.
I guess it just saddens me to see even this little infraction on the game, and also that it appears to be something that has taken place well in the past and is yet unresolved.


Till you get something like this.


We know, and we’re working on it. Please hang in there. Report the cheaters, and we’ll work from our end too.




:smiley: There are perks you know, like capacity that can extend hunters clips. Val had capacity so she could heal more with medgun. And Torvlad’s mortars on aim bot would not have been any better cause his accuracy with them is not pure pinpoint. It’s called skill (and mathematic), I know it’s easy to call opponents cheaters when they kicked one’s ass. So you got it all wrong.

That’s probably glitch, not hacking.


No. It was hacking, TaliZ. Infinite shield drones, no cooldown mininukes, infinite JPB, and infinite cloaks.

How the hell would anyone see that and think, “Oh, he has a hundred shield drones placed on the map. Hm… Must be another bug!” :joy:


@Rapterror, were you playing as Wraith? If so, good job in getting that many strikes against them. I hope you won, just to shove it in their face that cheating isn’t the answer.


Nope, it was @10shredder00. He showed me the video, and he won via relay!


The stress that game gave me was enough to fuel an entire McDonald’s French Fry factory.

@flamand_quebec13 that was me.


Haha, I can only imagine. I mean, I find that an Evolve match is more stressful when I play as the Monster, than as a Hunter. So for you to beat them at their own game, I salute to you sir @10shredder00.


If you think you have found a hacker, taking a picture wouldn’t help much, make a video of the hacker and you have the use of his hack in action. It’s the best way to proove the guy in question is hacking.
But man, I have never seen a hacker in my 200 hours of game in Evolve, and the enormous number of protection drones in this screen is enough to prove somebody is using hacks.


No offense but if you think that a hundred shield drones is a bug you may be in denial over hackers :stuck_out_tongue:


No, what I had experienced was a regular Val, who could shoot her sniper every .1 second. Same with tranqs. She would shoot more than 5 shots within 2 seconds. And I’m pretty sure the healing gun does not last 60 seconds even with capacity.

The Torvald could rain mortars down without stopping. Meaning he didn’t reload and fire again, but rather it was constant explosions. Ya know how Torvald shoots like 5-7 mortars or something? Well this was more like 20.

I’m not salty, I know how perks work, and I’ve been playing this game long enough to know when something is wrong. These guys weren’t playing well, they were cheating.
Case closed