Manually resetting rank


Hola, I’m level 39 right now (maining support) and wanting to learn how to play monster. Problem is, if I try to go online to fight people and learn, I get paired with a bunch of level 40s and I get completely shrekt.

My question is, is there any was to manually reset your rank so I can learn monster with people more on my level?
Thank you!


I also would want maybe a training level. i want my friend to play but he’s put off by either
a) playing alone
b) playing with me and people who are 20+ levels ahead of him.


I would say practice in solo mode. You can get quite good that way and then test yourself online.


I would say for you guys, host a custom game and just invite your friend. You guys can play together and learn.



They should have separate ranks associated with each side.

Example: Level 40 Hunter, but level 5 monster. Honestly isn’t that hard to track gameplay for each.


Yes, this please.


Unfortunately not. New account only. Are you on PC or PS/XB ?

I cannot agree with that, @Therubexcube. This is just for catching basics - he will not be able to perform reasonably against L40 teams just by crushing a few bots.


Yes you can delete your save file in the storage as the rank is saved on console not online only your online stats are saved to online


Will this also delete any characters you’ve unlocked?


My friends ps4 broke and lost his stats on a new ps4 so I know it don’t save to online


Yes you would loose your unlocks etc but you would be at 1 again


You would keep your online wins and wins by each class etc


Up to you if you think it’s worth it but yes you can manually reset yourself that’s why solo counts to rank up


You don’t agree with playing against bots to get your feet wet?
If you read my comment it says to play against bots to get some practice and basically get comfortable with the game. Then go online and test your skills.

And just because someone is level 40 doesn’t mean their any good. I was beating 40’s when I started playing. I’m not saying I’m great because there’s others that are far better than myself. But level doesn’t mean anything.


mmm… yeah, to get first experience you can do it. But overall there is huge gap between playing against bots and real players. Perhaps except total noobs.
I mean - this is my experience from PC platform. Reading some posts on this forum I have impression, that there is much higher variety of players/skills on consoles. On PC - the player base at higher levels gets stabilized around the core, pretty experienced group of players.

Overall I am not criticizing bot training, that’s ok as step 1 (or step 0). But creating new account and going from lvl1 up will give you pretty reasonable - gradually increasing challenge - monster training.