Maniacal Torvald is absolutely OP and we all laughed about it. reddit repost



That’s a death sentence for any monster >_>


Eeeo eeeo woawhoawoa eeo eeo woawhoawoa


That’s why you don’t evolve infront of 4 people :frowning:


ähm nothing special

if a wraith evolves infront of the hunter …


I don’t know how no one noticed, but the Val player is clearly cheating. Look at the rate of fire on the Sniper Rifle.


That is a bit off indeed… Torvald doesn’t hit that hard. You can’t eat 5 health bars with mortar.


Did it once with a team on a Behemoth that was trying to finish me off, I was the medic.


Certainly sounds very suspicious. Despite evolving the monster still died way too fast.

Catching any monster at the start of an evolve with good LoS is pretty much GG, but if they’re full health they’ll usually survive the evolve process.


monsters taking more damage while evolving




Torvald is a long range burst damage assault, a fair chunk of his damage comes from slow moving arcing mortars which against good monsters aren’t going to hit enough of the time to make up for the lack of damage his shotgun does, however when Torvald finds a monster evolving without a low roof over his head Torvald is very happy. But no seriously guys, Torvald is not op I tend to make people feel useless when hes played with the exception of very few that actually use him correctly.


Are you sure it was not her tranq gun? It can shoot 3 darts quite quickly, which is all I see bursted, 3 shots. Besides, I also see no weakspots on the monster.


It was not her tranqgun, pay attention to 0:05 when Val lands. It’s definitely more than 3 shots and the tranqgun does NOT have a muzzle flash. Don’t know if it’s a bug or if he was cheating, but it’s definitely not normal^^

Thanks for the video btw., that laugh was just awesome ^^


It seems like a bug. I got killed by a torvald the same way as a kraken and behemoth once. I had full health in both cases.

Maybe I should move this to bugs,

@optik_rec0rds ;

if a wraith evolves infront of the hunter …

I have survived a full barrage from hank while evolving, torvald even without other hunters shouldn’t be able to instant kill an evolving monster.

I need to rewatch the video hehe.

Its not tranqs, monster would have an outline otherwise. Freaky though.


yeah we know that torvalds mortars are broken as fuck

but that makes it look way more broken then it is^^

and yeah he has to be cheating even with the reload perk its not that fast


I think monsters take bonus damage while Evolving. Torvald’s using capacity increase too. Those mortars actually hit pretty damn hard on direct hits and increasing the number of shots in the burst is going to be painful.

I could definitely see something as flimsy as a Wraith (only 6 health bars too, poor thing was only stage 2) just dropping from one evolution when she picks a moment as bad as that. Torvald guarantees it due to the nature of his damage against immobile targets but I think she’d have been pretty much dead against a Hyde or Parnell too :smile:

@MrMikeAZ I think you might be right, with the Wraith being bright yellow the whole time, but either the capacity or the reload speed seemed off to me for the tranq rifle. She seemed to fire about 4 shots before her first pause (isn’t the normal magazine size 3) and then she reloaded fairly quickly. Obviously we don’t know what perks were involved or anything.


I did this a few times. Never lost more than 3-4 bars of health. This guy lost like 8, just because of Torvald’s OP mortars. :stuck_out_tongue:


Torvald himself didn’t do all the > 6 < bars of damage. There’s a Val shooting him for about 175 damage (140 * 1.25) 2 times/second, a Sunny shooting the mininukes at him and a little bit of Crow at the end. Torvald did about 3-4 bars of healthdamage, just to clarify


That’s why l still play hank. Once in while you still find the monster right as it evolves and its orbital drop time.